My wishlist

Nerd Lacquer: Smoke Dragon
Milani: Totally cool, Pool party
Essie:Barbados Blue, Mezmerise, smooth sailing, Coat Azure
OPI: Minnie mouse collection, I don't give a Rotterdam, I have a herring problem, Barre my soul
Nail-venturous: **Flying Blue Jay, Girly girl, Swamp Princess, Pieces of blue
Pams and Kin: **Karma Chameleon, Left coast envy, weightless, 40 day dream, Manic Monday,
Windestine: Star light, Star bright
Rescue Beauty Lounge: Stormy, Chinoise,
Sparitual: gold collection, Pigment collection, um...all of them :P
Ludurana Marmorizado Quartzo
Ludurana Marmorizado Perlato
Priti Polish: Forget me not
Orly, Jealous much?
KB Shimmer **watercolor, shipwreck, showgirl, ringmaster, proud peacock, berry patch, elle
Nfu.Oh: all.the.jellies!
Illamasqua: Nudge
Picture Polish: **Marine

My wishlist of Pinterest - Pinterst wishlist!!

**means I REALLY want it :D


  1. Hi! I have one of the polishes on your wishlist up for sale (or possibly swap!) Email me at hopefully I can help you cross one of those polishes off your want list :)

  2. Hi! Do you have interest on Ludurana? I live on Brazil and have easy access to this label.. and many others. We can combine a interchange!
    Email me on or also check other labels on my flickr:



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