For an excellent video tutorial check out NailsKathy’s video.
 I learned about this technique from The Nail Buff

This is the finished manicure!

The process is so simple...but time consuming. I picked out my rainbow colors, and decided I wanted it over white so the colors would pop more. I did my base coat, and one (thickish) coat of Milani High Speed Fast Dry one coat formula of White on the Spot. Well, that's a mouthful. This IS a nice one coat white, but it is no way a fast dry. In fact, I put OPI fast drying drops on to speed it up. 
 Zoya: America, Lianne, Creamy, Midori, Yummy, Ibiza and Zara

To make the Rainbows:
1. Drip 5-7 drops of polish on a non-porous surface. I used a plastic plate. I started with the green because I wanted to make sure the top and bottom would be spaced evenly.
2. Use a dotter or a similar tool (toothpick, bobby pin) and start stirring the polish.
3. Keep checking the gloopiness of the polish by lifting your tool straight up to see if strings are forming.
4. Once the strings are forming just move your tool over the nail to let the polish strings fall across your nail.
5. When design is done...be verrrry careful. Unless you used extremely thin strings (I did not) this is a lot of gloopy polish that needs to dry!! I used drying drops and waited quite a long time before I top coated with Seche Vite. 
6. Oh, and don't forget about clean-up :)  I used those tapered Q-tips and a brush dipped in polish remover!

Start with green, in the center(ish) of nail. And do all your nails with green. Then do red. I placed the colors this way so they would be spaced evenly.
After finishing the top half, I did the violet on the tips. And worked towards the middle. Sorry, no pics of the bottom half, I was too afraid of smudging. These take a loooong time to dry!

Look at this mess! EEK! 

And that's it!! One more of the finished result....


Just snapped some pics to help you see how I apply loose glitter, which I purchased from Michael's craft store. It's pretty simple, but it always helps to see some photos. So here they are :) This is for my flip flop inspired V-gap manicure.

 Start with your usual base coat and first coat of polish. I used A England Camelot. A super shiny, easy to apply black creme. Before you apply a second coat, sprinkle out some of your glitter.
 I use the smallest dotting tool I have, it's almost needle like.
 Paint your second coat on one nail at a time. After you paint the second coat on the first nail, dampen the tip of your dotting tool (NOT dripping wet, just enough to get the glitter to stick)
Just touch the dampened tool to a glitter and it will usually stick onto the end. See it? Ignore the pink polish on the tip...who knows which manicure that was from :P Then just gently place it on the wet polish where you want it to stick. Go quickly but carefully. You want the polish to be wet enough that the glitter will stay on the nail, but be careful, because once you place the glitter, you can't reposition. 

The finished look. Allow the glitter and polish to "set" a bit before applying top coat..which you definitely want to do otherwise your glitters may snag or fall off.

Hope this was helpful!!


  1. Very well done. Loving the tutorial!

  2. It looks really nice! I've done something similar based on the YT tutorial, it's really interesting technique :)

    1. Thank you! It's time consuming but I do love the result :)

  3. Love this! Looks awesome and the tutorial is really helpful! :-)

  4. Love this!!

    I just stumbled across your blog, if you get a chance check out mine :)

    xo, Jersey Girl


  5. I must be doing something wrong as I cannot get my polish to gloop right. O well.

  6. my next manicure will definitely have some glitter magic

  7. I'd also like to say that YOU'RE the one that created the beautiful rainbow nails I've been seeing all over Pintrest! I am so glad that I found you and your blog!!!!!! :D

    1. OH THANK YOU!! Yes, someone somewhere cropped off my watermark :( So glad you found me and like what you see <3

  8. Please make a tutorial on the sponging technique!!

  9. Wooo Hooo, thank you thank you! I have seen and loved these on pinterest, so am thrilled to find the creator and tutorial!! :) The tutorials are much appreciated, I am going to give this a go now! :) x

  10. What kind of glitter is this? Just some regular loose glitter? It looks big, not like fine glitter. Maybe you could take a picture of the bottle?

    1. Hi Nicole! There is a pic in the blog post for it. More pics of the loose glitter I have used in these posts: http://www.manicurator.com/search/label/loose%20glitter Hope that helps :)

  11. Hello, I am doing a 28 day nail art challenge in February, to help demonstrate a style (sugar spun) I linked this post to mine. Thank you for being awesome!! Jilltastic

  12. super cool with the drip technique can't wait to try it when I have more free time

  13. Dabs of polish on a paper plate are my best friend, but I would never have thought of this technique - very cool! Thank you so much for sharing! It's so nice to have so much inspiration at our fingertips - pun totally intended ;)

  14. vaseline around the nail will make clean up super easy, just wipes right off

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