Monday, August 26, 2013

Dior Sparkling Powders 2013 Swatch and Review

PR sample
Hi there! So, I have something special to share with you today! Dior Beauty has recently released a set of nail glitters, Dior Sparkling Powders. These are available now as a Nordstrom exclusive and on at $48 for the set. These are limited edition so scoop them up if you are thinking about it! 
Dior describes these as "A couture manicure to be worn like jewelery for the most daring custom looks. Sparkling Gold and Sparkling Black powders are brushed over the base to create a feature nail or a total look. An all-over or gradation manicure that casts the shimmer effect into bold relief."

These come packaged in a classy keepsake box, great for storage, I actually like to keep it visible on my shelf above my work space. You will note that the "powders" are a smaller size than the clear fixing base. 

 You can see from the above photo that my glitters were a tad static-y and clung to the brush in an odd way. That didn't affect the application, in fact, it may have made it easier. These are literally, bottled glitters.
 I started with two coats of Dior Golden Light (207). When that was fairly dry I applied one coat of the Fixing Base and then dabbed on the Gold Sparkling Powder. I worked one nail at a time. Be aware...this is on the messy side. I did this over a sheet of paper, so when I was done I could gather up and funnel back into the bottle any leftover gold glitter.
 The application phase of this manicure was surprisingly easy. The removal of all the extra glitters surrounding the nails and on the hands was more time consuming than doing the manicure! I used a dry angled makeup brush to brush them off. I probably should have just washed my hands..but I was afraid I'd wash some of the glitters off before I took pictures.
 The camera only half captures the shine, sparkle and radiance this manicure has! It was literally stunning.

 I was a little nervous the glitters would fall off too much, plus I was curious, so the above and below photos are showing how it looked with Dior Gel Coat top coat on top. It went on easily and secured the glitters without taking away from the manicure at all. I wore this for 3 days, loving every minute.

 Next I tried Dior Sparkling Black. Sadly, I had a funeral to attend last week. I wanted something somber but something that was also classy with a spark of beauty. I knew I'd be wearing this. I began this manicure with 2 coats of Dior Untitled Black. Then I used the same procedure, applying the Fixing Base and black powder one nail at a time. I had less than an hour to do all ten fingers before I left for my overseas flight. Somehow I managed to get it done!
 I was surprised to discover that the black glitters in this set are smaller/finer than the gold. It creates a slightly different overall outcome. This one felt more refined. I also tried to top coat this one like I did with the gold, to seal in the glitters, but that backfired for me. The glitters just appeared to get swallowed up and disappear in the top coat, so I left them without top coat. That made me nervous as I had to travel a long way and needed this manicure to hold up.
 I absolutely loved how this turned out, so classy, subtle, elegant and chic. I wore these for 6 days straight, through 4 flights, and only minimal tip wear and the beginnings of chips when I removed it.

 What do you think? Would you go through the trouble of hand applying your glitter like this? Keep in mind, these are loose glitters. This set was sent to me for review, and I'm considering purchasing another set. That's how much I love them. They would be perfect for any Holiday party or celebration if you ask me!

All the best,

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Freehand Flowers Nail Art - Guest Post for Lucy's Stash

Hi everyone!!
It's been a quiet week for me on the blog, traveled to Germany and back all within the span of 5 days. While I'm busy overcoming the jet-lag, my guest post I created for Lucy's Stash went live. Perfect timing for me :)

Hope you go over and check it out. Here's an idea what you will see. I was really happy with this one. For more photos and all the details:

I'll be back to regular posts in no time, I sure have a lot to catch up on, lots of Fall collections to show you! Are you ready for Fall yet?

All the best!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

KBShimmer Fall 2013 Collection Swatch and Review

PR sample
Good morning! Bright and sunny Saturday morning over here in NY, I'm getting ready to head to the airport for a quick trip to Europe to see my bestie. I wanted to get this post up for you before I left though! KBShimmer never ceases to amaze me with there brilliant collections and stellar formulas and this one is no exception! These ship Sept 1, 2013. As I'm rushed for time I'll leave you with her facebook page and website links where she has amazing descriptions and bottle shots, and I'll just get to the polish on the nail part :P

Sorry for the lack of descriptions but I have to run and catch my flight! I'll come back in and add info once I get back, just wanted you to get to see these! I had no problems with application or formula on any of these.

All the best!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

ILNP Ultra Chromes Swatch and Review

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Hey everyone!! Excited to share with you these Indie beauties by I Love Nail Polish. What a class act this company is, and the creator Barbra is the sweetest. Check out her wildly popular facebook page if you haven't already. She shares swatches and nail art all the time, as well as keeping up with all the news regarding her own hand poured boutique lacquer. 

I'm showing you the newest collection Ultra Chromes at $11.50 each and AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER right NOW, shop at If you want one (or all) of these, don't wait...I'm sure they will disappear quickly! All my swatches are 3 coats and HK Girl top coat. Application and formula was the same great quality for all of them.
 ILNP Mutagen - I'm showing you my surprise favorite first. Green is perhaps my least favorite shade to I wasn't expecting to be so in love with this one. It's truly something!! Obviously hard to capture all the color shifts that take place with these type of polishes. This one flashes red, pink, blue depending on your angle.

 ILNP My Little Glacier - titanium blue polish that appears silver one moment, and blue the next! You can see subtle hints of purple, red, and even yellow from time to time. Stunning.

 ILNP Birefringence shifts through an array of incredible blues, purples, reds, oranges, yellows, and even subtle greens!

 ILNP Cyngus Loop - You can find bright purple, to orange, to yellow, and even a little bit of green.

Phew!! This whole collection is amazing, but like I mentioned up top...I couldn't take my eyes off Mutagen. Are you going for any of these? Remember - get in on the pre-order happening NOW if you can. 

All the best,

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Fashion Week - Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013 Freehand Flower Nail Art

Hello loves!
Here's my 4th design for Digit-Dozen fashion week, it's only one day late ;) I knew the moment I saw this dress (I don't remember where I originally saw it) that I wanted to do these nails! I'm very happy with how they turned out! Let's look :D
Dress photo credit:

 Read on to see how I accomplished this design...