Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Fall 2013 - The Nail Challenge Collaborative: Nail Art Flowers

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It's the end of the month, which brings me to my Nail Challenge Collaborative manis, of which there are supposed to be four. one to show you tonight. July has been the busiest month for me and I simply ran out of time to create more for this challenge. The theme for the month was flowers! I have so so many idea, but this one popped into my head right away when I received my Fall 2013 Zoya Pixie Dust! Zoya Pixie Dust retails for $9.00 ea. (US). These are available at, select stores and spas and in ULTA beauty stores.

Monday, July 29, 2013

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013

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Hello! I'm (of course) thrilled to be included this year in piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013: Celebrating the year of the blogger. piCture pOlish has asked us to create nail art using three shades they send. I got to work with Metallic Mush, Antique and Peacock.
You can find piCture pOlish on:
Additional information:

 See more...this is just the beginning!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Naild' It Unique Polish Summer 2013 Swatches and Reviews

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Hi everyone!! 
Feels like I've been gone from this blog for a long time! I'm home now from our wonderful family vacation and finally settled back in. Funny how it takes so much work to get ready for a vacation and so much work getting used to being home again, right?
I have a lot to show you today from Naild' It Summer "collection". She told me they don't necessarily fit into a collection, just that these have all been released this Summer. You can find Naild' It on  Facebook.
And shop here:
See more...this is just the beginning!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Guest Post by SassyPaints2012

Hey everyone!
I'm home safely, bittersweet! I didn't want to leave!! But it is "home sweet home" as my little guys say. Here's my last guest post by the lovely Gini at Sassy Paints. Love a sugar spun, so glad she decided to make one for us :)

Hello Manicurator readers! I am extremely honored to have been asked by Victoria to do a guest post for her amazing readers while she enjoys her vacation. I have created a spun sugar mani for you all today and I hope you enjoy it! 

First I started off with 2 coats of China Glaze Fancy Pants. This purplish blue has a lovely pink shimmer that I was unfortunately able to capture.

Next I used China Glaze Beach Cruise-R, a fuchsia with a blue shimmer, to create my spun sugar. I really liked the way these colors went together.

Finally, I added a little bit of China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, which looks more teal in person, for a little extra color!

I decided not to apply a top coat, I prefer this type of design to have the texture, but you could totally add a top coat to smooth it out if you prefer. I love spun sugar manis, I'm usually a perfectionist and this is one of those designs that doesn't have to be uniformed so I can just have fun with it! Creating the spun sugar is really easy, just a little time consuming and messy. There are a ton of great tutorials to learn how to create this design, I even think Victoria has one if you click on her Tutorial Tab at the top of the page!   
Thank you so much for having me today! 
♥ Gini ♥

All the best, I'll be back with my own posts next week. xo

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guest post by Globe and Nail

Hello loves!
Another mega talented lady I'm proud to share with you today! Emma from Globe and Nail shares a mani with us as I head home to reality. I've been impressed with her and her blog from the moment I first discovered it. I'm sure you will be too :)

Hi, I'm Emma from Globe & Nail!  Victoria's blog was one of the first I started reading after starting writing my own, so I was very honored to be asked to guest post on the Manicurator!  :)  
I got the inspiration for this design while browsing Spoonflower for ideas; I kind of mushed a few patterns together and ended up with this, haha!  
I started with a base of LaCC 1992, just to block out any nail line and provide a base.  Next, I added the stripes in LaCC 1977 (blue), 2011 (yellow), 1972 (purple), and 1968 (green), using a striping brush.  The white chevron pattern was then freehanded on with white acrylic paint and a nail art brush.  I finished the whole look off with two coats of Seche Vite for a smooth finish.  

I made a tutorial for this nail art too, so you can keep an eye on my blog for that sometime in the next few days!  ;)
I hope you like what I created for this post; if you do, I'd love it if you came and visited me over at Globe & Nail!  :)  Thanks again, Victoria, for the chance to guest post for you!  I hope you're having a great vacation!

Thanks Emma!! I love it :)
XO, Victoria

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guest Post by Work Play Polish

Hello loves! Another smashingly beautiful guest post for you today as my vacation winds down. Take a look at what my dear friend Leslie at work/play/polish created!

Hello Manicurator readers! I’m a little star struck to be contributing a guest post to The Manicurator. Victoria is one of my best friends in the world…and we met through blogging! But long before that, I was a huge fan. So it’s a little surreal for me to be writing something for her blog! Of course, I stressed about it. Finally Victoria texted, “Just do something simple with pretty colors.” Aha! This chick is a genius.

For today’s mani, I was inspired by an original Lucie Sommers pink and white textile (you can find her on Etsy here). I started with two coats of Jesse’s Girl JulieG nail polish in Damsel. Then I painted the design using a small nail art brush and white acrylic paint. I know, acrylic paint is “cheating on the nail polish” as Victoria would say.  But if you want thin solid white details over a colored base…it’s the only way to go.

I tried (oh, how I tried) not to worry about making it perfect. Fortunately, the shapes are fairly simple. I think the imperfections make it look more “painterly” anyway.

It was a real honor to guest post for my dear nail blogging sensei while she’s off gallivanting the globe. I expect great things from her when she returns. Thanks for reading!

    I think I'm getting spoiled with these amazing guest posts :P Hope you are enjoying! I've got two more guest posts coming up and then I'm back to work :D
xo, Victoria 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Guest Post XOXO Alexis Leigh

Day 2 of guest posts today! I'm thrilled to be showing you a super talented lady and, a type of post that you would not normally, ok never, see on! MAKEUP. If you are a fan and aren't already following her, I strongly recommend. She is so good at what she does :) Hope you enjoy!

Hey guys!! My name is Alexis and I run a little blog called, XOXO Alexis Leigh. I'm super excited to be on Victoria's blog today; she is one of the sweetest people ever and I'm glad to call her a friend. She's also extremely talented which all of you already know! Needless to say I was a little intimidated by the task of creating a guest post worthy of her blog. Finally I came up with something and I hope you guys like it!

I ended up doing a pink and white smokey eye using mostly Sugarpill eye shadows (which are my favorite for super pigmented looks). I did corresponding nail art which you can see below. The colors are a little off but I still really like it! I used LVX Fantom as a base and the pink and white gradient was done with I Love Nail Polish Bunny Tails and Under The Bleachers.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post! Thank you so much Victoria for having me!!!

All the best,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Tape Week with Zoya

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Hi loves!!
I know, this is dreadfully late. The final manicure for Digit-al Dozen "tape week" was due on Friday, and today is Monday. But Friday was my 5 year anniversary...and I've just been busy being on vacation with the finally putting these up today. I definitely like how these turned out, especially the middle nail of course.
 I used 2 coats of Zoya Jacqueline as my base color. For the middle nail, I used striping tape to help me get clean lines with Zoya Josie and Zoya Micky.
 The ring finger and pinky were created with electric tape cut with a craft scissor. I place the zig-zag tape in the center of the nail and painted in the sides with either Josie or Micky.
 Finally, for the Index finger, I used electric tape and craft scissor again, but instead of placing the tape in the center of the nail, I placed one on either said, and painted Micky down the center.

What do you think? Is this a design you'd wear? I must confess, it looked really cool on, and nothing like anything I've worn before.

Stay tuned for more guest bloggers this week, and then I come back home and you'll see me back to regular posting :D

Best, Victoria

*Product(s) provided for unbiased review consideration. 

Guest post by The Crumpet

Good morning lovely readers!! I'm proud to show you my first guest post today. I can happily tell you that I am friends with this wonderful lady. She is such a positive presence in the nail community and tirelessly - ok, maybe she gets a little tired :P organizes groups and nail challenges. Let's see what she created...

Hi Goddesses

I am Debbie, aka The Crumpet, and I am thrilled to be the guest on Victoria's blog today.  We've been bestest blogging buddies for over a year now, and we're polar opposites in many ways .....

When I think of Victoria, I think of professional, clean, crisp designs, manis which look like they took HOURS of patience, perfect photos, and those hands!  Seriously, she could model with those hands!  Me, on other hand, messy, little bit chaotic, loves splatters and manis that involve splodging .... and I've NEVER redone a nail to make it more perfect :)

So, intially, I was going to do something you'd never normally see on Vic's blog and go all messy on you, but eventually, this mani accidentally evolved, and once it was complete, this seemed the perfect place for it to go.  Hopefully it's clean, crisp and precise.  Well, in a Crumpet-y kinda way :)

The base for this mani is the STUNNING The Dark Defender by Cadillacquer.   It is just too breathtaking for words.   A deep teal flakie, this glows from within ... and look, can you see them ... there are even PINK flakies in there.

I then added some chevrons using w7 Silver Suede and had that classic moment of "should I, shouldn't I?"  Was it enough, or should I go further?  (Ladies, if you're unsure, now is the time to take photos, just in case it all goes tits up!)

And then I added the pink bling.  I so wanted to highlight the pink flakie goodness in the polish, and surprisingly, the trio of colours played nicely together.  And hey, I even used tweezers!

I have to say, Vic, this is probably the longest I have ever spent on a mani, and I was more committed to getting it perfect for you than I ever have been on my own blog lol.   Love you lots, and don't get sunburnt or cocktail poisoning in Thingy da Thingy, or wherever you've poshly gone on holiday.  Without me!

Enjoy xx  

Thanks so much Crumpet Debbie!!! xoxox 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Tape Week Nail Art Triangles with Zoya

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Hello :)
Oh man! I'm exhausted. Being on vacation with 4 yr old twins is no easy task!! They are up early and we are at the beach for hours every day. I'm going to attempt to get to sleep early tonight, so this one is gonna be quick and to the point. It's actually my least favorite design of the week too. Not that it was bad, I just liked the other designs better.

 The base color is Zoya Josie. Two coats, great formula! After that dried, I taped off little triangle sections with striping tape and filled in with Zoya Bobbie, Rikki and Amy.
 I love the different finishes of the triangles on the creme.

These Zoya shades are from Summer 2013 Stunning and Irresistible collection and can be purchased on

XO, Victoria

*Product(s) provided for unbiased review consideration.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Tape Week Diamond Nail Art with Zoya

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Hey there! Bringing you another Digit-al Dozen manicure for tape week. You KNOW I couldn't miss this one, even though I'm thoroughly enjoying my vacation, I'm taking the time to get these posted because tape floats my boat. These were all done last week, but I ran out of time to get them all written up and scheduled.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Tape Week Chevron/gap Nail Art with Zoya Kerry and Thandie

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Greetings from my gorgeous Caribbean hotel room!! Yes, I'm on vacation! Yes, I shouldn't be at work posting at all, BUT it's Digit-al Dozen week, the nails are already done and edited, I just didn't have time before leaving to schedule the posts. And, my little ones are sound asleep, so it's not like I could be out partying anyway :P This is what I have on today for the travel and I was complimented many times throughout the trip down here :) Love that.
 I have on two coats of Zoya Kerrie, which goes on easily and is, well, stunning! It just about glows.
 After Kerrie dried, I used striping tape to block off center strip and chevron tips and painted on 1-2 coats of Zoya Thandie.
 These two area a pairing I wouldn't normally gravitate towards, and yet, I love it. Feels ultimately Summer-y.
 I had actually meant to add another taped off section to these, but fell in love with them as is.

And that's it!! Hope my nails hold up ok, it is a beach vacation after all and the beach (and travel in general) aren't known to be kind to nails. Oh and get this!!! Worst nail blogger ever...I searched every square inch of my things..I somehow didn't pack my nail file. Ack. I'll have to ask at the spa if they have an extra :)

Digit-al Dozen Tape Week Nail Art with China Glaze Sunsational Jellies

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Hello there!!
Hope you are all well :) I've been crazy busy getting my house and family ready for....VACATION. Wohoo. We leave early tomorrow morning for the Caribbean and I'm thrilled. Also, exhausted, feel like I've been going nonstop, just to get ready to go. Plus...Digit-al Dozen week is upon us again. I simply couldn't miss it because we are doing my all time favorite this month - TAPE. I've gotten all of them done, now the race to see if I can get them all scheduled to go up. I'll also have a bunch of awesome guest posts for you once the DD week is over.

So, this is the first one I created and it pained me to take it off to keep going. I simply adored it. I used 4 of the 6 China Glaze Sunsational Jellies for this tape mani.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Watercolor Nail Art for NAIL IT! magazine with China Glaze Sunsational Jellies

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First post of the day is a quick one. Head over to to see how I created this watercolor look using every one of the China Glaze Sunsational Jellies, which I LOVE. They have the perfect texture to create this look, and applied effortlessly as a jelly should.

All the best!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nicole by OPI Tink Collection Colorblock Nail Art Tutorial for Nail It! Magazine

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Hi everyone :)

Showing you another tutorial I created for Nail It! Magazine using the brand new Nicole by OPI Tink Collection. These are limited edition, available now at select Walgreens. There are six in the collection, but I don't have the light pink or the glitter shades to show you today. I used two coats for each of these shades and was very happy with their application/formula and coverage. Check out for the full post with tutorial.

Really liked wearing these and thought these shades work well together and looked like a perfect Summer colorblock mani. Do you agree?

All the best,

*Product(s) provided for unbiased review consideration.