Starting out with...PINK

My inaugural post!! I am in awe with the thousands of choices we have available to decorate our nails these days. When I fell in love with polish as a kid, I'd walk the 7 blocks to the local pharmacy and ogle at the colors forever. And then I'd come home with a pink, red or purple (most likely pink) Brucci.

I'm going back to my roots with my first post. Sharing with you all of my light pinks and then onto swatches and comparisons. I'm happy to do any comparisons by request, just comment here, or send me an email: Hope you are feeling as pinky (no pun intended) as I am right now.

Barry M is a new (British) line for me. I ordered here. They sell for 2.99 British pounds which is....I don't really know how much in US$ but I DID get in on a good sale, so you might wanna keep a wishlist and place an order when they have a sale. You can find them on Facebook so you'll know when the sales are taking place: Harlow & Co. has also just starting carrying Barry M for $7 (or $8) each. HOORAY.

And now, for Barry M, Strawberry Ice cream!!  A beautiful creamy happy medium pink shade. Application wasn't my favorite. With twin toddler boys, I need 2 coat wonders, which this was not. It did dry to a very nice shine, so there's that.

Essie All in One base coat, 3 coats of Barry M Strawberry Ice cream, no top coat.

Hope you're having a great day, Victoria


  1. Wow, that's a lot of pink! The Barry M is perfect though, and looks great on you! Nice blog, too!

  2. Aw Steve! Thanks so much!! My first comment :)) I have so much to learn in this endeavor. Very sweet of you to find me so fast!
    P.S. Those are only my LIGHT pinks. Hehehehehe.

  3. awwweee look at all those pretties... I like your blog name :-P

  4. Thank you Polish AMOR. I do love the pinks :) I wish I could take credit for the blog name. My husband came up with it! Pretty smart huh?

  5. Lovely pink!!! :D

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