Where has Manicurator been?

Hi everyone,

Perhaps you've noticed another prolonged absence of mine? It's hard for me to even write this...but I know I have so many posts I owe..ones that I've already swatched and photo'd months ago even, and many beauties waiting patiently. It is with heavy heart that I say I've been going through a tremendous amount of turmoil on the home front. I'm now in the middle of selling our much adored home (yes, the one we bought and I moved across the country for only a short year ago!). Prepping a house for sale and a move takes so much energy! Add to that the reasons why and it's a recipe for heartache. As soon as it sells I'll be heading back East to NY so that at least is a positive, though I hate change, and I truly came to like it out here in the PNW and wished with all my might to give my kids more stability than how it's all unfolding.

I hope you will all stick with me. I have a bunch I need to post as soon as I can eek out the time...and plan to jump right back into blogging once I'm settled on the East coast again.

Much love to you all. Heartfelt thanks to all who have been there for me online and in person through this chapter in my life. If there is one thing I've learned..it's that you never know the struggles behind someone's smile (or frown, or just generally distracted face ha)..and to give kindness whenever possible. It is always possible.

Love, Victoria


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