Color Club Kaleidoscope and Ruby Wing Summer 2013 Swatch and Review

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Hello loves!!
Super happy to be showing you my very first Color Club and Ruby Wing polishes today! Can you believe I have never tried this brand before? Shameful, I know, but I am fully hooked now, no turning back. I received 2 out of 6 Color Club shades from the Summer Kaleidoscope Collection and 2 out of 6 of the Summer Ruby Wing Collection as well to review. First of all, let me RAVE about the formula. I was really blown away. Every single one went on like butter, opaque in 1 or 2 coats and very easy to work with. All the swatches shown are 2 coats. Here's where you can shop and find Color Club and Ruby Wing:
Color Club website
Color Club facebook
Color Club twitter
Ruby Wing website
Ruby Wing facebook
Ruby Wing twitter

 Color Club Abyss a beautiful vivid green than leans teal. My photos turned out too blue, so I attempted to color correct here. In reality this shade is greener and brighter.

 Color Club Bright Night WOW. Bright blue. Really bright blue. I'm in love for sure.

 Ruby Wing Groupie Color Changing polish. This one is bright/neon pink, much brighter than it photographed and super pink :)

 This is what happens to Groupie when it's in sunlight, or exposed to UV light in my case.

 Ruby Wing Summer Love color changing polish. Another super bright shade, this one is less red and more bright orange in reality. My camera had a hard time with these super bright polishes.

 Here it is after being exposed to UV light. So super cool. I love these. You can see in the last photo that the UV exposure was wearing off and you have this interesting shading effect.

I feel like I'm the last polishaholic in the world to discover Color Club but I'm so glad I finally have. I can't say enough good about the formula and ease of application for all four of them. Do you already have Color Club/Ruby Wing? Let me know in the comments which are the must haves.

Hope you are having a great weekend!
XO Victoria

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  1. I really love the dark shade Summer Love turns into! I recently realized I have no dark oranges! I need to get some. The blue is so pretty <3 And your nails are perfect! Like always!!

  2. Love your swatches!!! Bright night is so gorgeous, Color Club in general is wonderful. I've only been able to access Color Club recently but already I love them. I own Wing fling and Sky high and they're beautiful, I love the topcoat that comes in the sets too :)

  3. the blue just took my breath away - that is by far the most beautiful blue nail polish i've ever seen.

  4. My favourite is Bright Night! Beautiful swatches! :-)

  5. I can't wait until I can afford to buy these! So many great colors!

  6. WOW... I love this blue! *-*

    how many coats did applied?


  7. Oh wow, these colors are insanely amazing, especially that blue. Great swatches!

  8. Bright now is GORGEOUS. Any idea how it compares to Nails Inc. Baker Street? The Color Club MUST HAVE is Disco Dress!! You won't regret it. I only have one Ruby Wing & since seeing it in action I will certainly be picking up more! :)

  9. great photos, thanks heaps! am deciding which of these ruby wing polishes to grab so its great to find helpful photos!


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