Photojojo iPhone 5 Macro Lens Review

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Hi loves! Hope your weekend is off to a good start! I'm showing you a great little product today for picture taking with your iPhone! Perfect for bloggers and polish lovers, this is a super easy to use wide angle and macro lens that retails for only $20 at

These are all bottle shots, taken indoors with the daylight bulb I use for all my photos.

 Darling Diva Holiday

 Naild' It Sugarmess Glum

 Glitter Daze Champagne and Bubble Baths
 KBShimmer Bejeweled

 Nicole by OPI My Cherry Amour

 Naild' It Lilac Electra

So, what do you think? Something you think you could have fun with? I can't wait to get it outside and snap some nature pics :) The only problem I had (and you can see it in the last photo) is that my view was a little obscured by the magnetic ring that you stick onto your camera or case. I put the magnetic ring on my case, because I didn't want to have to take on and off my case to take macro shots. However, I could usually crop out that spot.

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  1. Thanks Lisa! Really appreciate you taking the time to comment all the time! <3

  2. OMG this looks so cool! I wish they would have something like this to my phone :(

  3. Wow, this is so cool! And they are so clear!! I can't stop drooling at their macro goodness! :D

  4. Nice photos! I have been debating picking up one of these...

  5. Wow, fabulous macros! I'm still trying to figure out the camera on my phone so I think this would just add to my frustration, even though it takes gorgeous macros! :)

  6. Your welcome! I try to comment on all the blogs I follow :) Just to let them know there post are being read :)

  7. How fun! Might have to pick up the Android version now.

  8. That looks good (even if I do only have an iPhone 4). Would be good to see some comparisons between with the lens and without.

  9. Wow these came out super great! I'd second Vic's suggestion on seeing comparisons, if you had the time that is :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Beautiful shots. Too bad they never make cool gadgets for the Android phone. I need this. Your pics continue to amaze and dazzle me.

  11. omg girl! i have been wanting a macro for my tablet in hopes it might take better photos, you kinda cant go wrong for 20 bucks. im so getting one!

  12. I have these lens and I absolutely LOVE them!!! I always use the macro lens for macros of glitter nail polish. I had posted about them on my blog as well. They are so versatile.

  13. Omg Nail'd It Sugarmess Glum and Glitter Daze Champagne and Bubble Baths! Wowoowowow!


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