Chanel Rouge Allure Moire Collection, Vernis Swatch, Review and Tape Nail Art

Hello loves!
I'm sharing with you these two amazingly pretty vernis shades from the new Chanel Rouge Allure Moire collection, inspired by the softly glimmering effects of silk moire fabric. I picked up these babies while on a layover at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris in August. They are now on sale at and counters worldwide. They are both listed as Limited Edition, at $27 each.

 Chanel Rose Moire is described as a light pearly rose. It has a great formula, opaque in two coats. Just a word of advice, it has a "pearl" finish which is prone to brush strokes so use a light hand and use straight brush strokes. At first look I immediately thought to myself that my Nana would love and wear this (read: old fashioned)...but the longer I had it on, the more I thought that it was the modern version of a classic. I actually loved wearing it and got warm fuzzies knowing my Nana would approve, she always hated when I wore less traditional nail colors :P
 After wearing Rose Moire on it's own for 2 days, I decided to tape off the moon shape (using a craft punch) and add my nail art look with Chanel Rouge Moire - described as a pearly red. I have a feeling this could be a one coater, but I used two coats here, to ensure full coverage over the base color. There's no top coat in these photos.

 I love how these turned out. The colors are so so complementary and the nail art, in my opinion is an elegant one, well suited for Chanel.
 I'm so glad I picked these up! I know I'll be wearing them again, that's for sure.
And lastly, I chose this design to demonstrate the tape technique which was our theme for The Nail Challenge Collaborative -yes, for last month...this is a few days late :/

Please take a moment to see what the others created for this theme!
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  1. Wow! In love with what you did with the two polishes, Damn i wish I could afford Chanel polishes. They look beautiful on you :) I might want to recreate the nail art inspired by you <3

  2. I've always been a fan of pearly finishes and traditional colors so I love both of these :) You do the most magical things with the Chanel duos. <3

  3. Thanks so much Amey! I know how you feel, my buying spees go in spurts ;) If you do recreate, can you tag me, I'd love to see :)

  4. Liesl, you would totally love these! And thank you so much, you are so sweet! <3

  5. I've seen these in person and even though I love a good red and I do like pearly shimmery finishes, these didnt do anything for me :(

  6. Love this! The colors are perfect together!!

  7. Oh, I love the art! These colors are amazing.

  8. You're right, very complimentary colors! I like the unique design.

  9. I am simply in love with Rose Moire, its just stunning

  10. These two together are super pretty! Always love your swatches <3

  11. I love this look, its very classy and chic. This is definitely going on my to do list, although my version may have to be with more budget polishes lol :)


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