Free Hand Nail Art Design with Zoya Fall 2013 Pixie Dust

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Hello! It's a gorgeous day here in NY and I have a simple nail art look to share with you today. I created this for my Nail Challenge Collaborative's "technique" theme. This is a freehand design, but the real stars of the mani are the Zoya Fall 2013 Pixiedusts! 
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 I began this manicure with two coats of Zoya Tomoko from the Fall 2013 PixieDust collection. I used it in this freehand design as well, heart design with Tomoko. I know I gush over the PixieDusts every time I use them..I will continue to do so. I adore them and their formula lends itself towards nail art so nicely! I used a nail at brush to paint side swoops with Zoya Arabella.
 These remind me of the yin yang symbol, but that wasn't what I was thinking when I made them. Not sure what I was thinking hahaha.
 I love how they turned out. Simple yet striking. I didn't want to them them off!
Do you like? I probably ask this every time..are you as crazy for PixieDust as I am?

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  1. Very cool freehand! It's simple yet so beautiful :)

  2. This is awesome! I own some pixies but I never tried nail art with them :D

  3. Thanks Gwen! Give it a try, they are super easy to work with :)

  4. Yes, I am crazy about textured polishes, Zoya Tomoko is on my "need it desperately" list! :-) Beautiful manicure! :-)

  5. I am so in love with the PixieDust polishes by Zoya. I think I have almost every color, there is not a bad one in the bunch. And it goes on like buttah!!

  6. Ahhh love this, have to do something similar :)


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