Priti NYC and Oscar Carvallo Couture Collaboration Nail Art

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Happy weekend! Did you know that Fashion Week in NYC has just wrapped up? I've always been enthralled with the couture and trend setting hair/makeup/nails that goes along with fashion week. I'm pleased to share with you a bit of it here. From Priti NYC:
I received four of the above shades (and complemented with a 5th previously sent for review) and felt inspired to create my own take on the stripe look.

 Priti NYC (from left to right) Cherry Ingram, Stonecrop, Nigra, Fireglow, Horned Poppy plus Winstonia Store nail art brush
The how to from Priti NYC:
As you can see I opted for a slightly different version of the stripes. And as you can also see, my freehand line work needs some practice! This look and my lack of skills is taking me out of my comfort zone! I suppose I just have to keep at it, eh? I applied 3 coats of Horned Poppy and then freehanded random stripes with the Winstonia brush on the far left (in the photo).  All of the polishes cooperated and had a good formula for what I used them for.
What do you think? Is this your style? Are you good with freehand lines?
Priti NYC are available for $15 each at

The Winstonia Nail Art Brush set can be purchased at for $6.95

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