Zoya Magical PixieDust Summer 2014 Color Block Nail Art

Press sample
It's that time again! Another sprinkling of Zoya's Magical PixieDust! This time with a new formulation. I'm going to get right to it cause I'm that excited :)
 Zoya Bar, Ginni, Arlo

 When I show off a collection through nail art, I always aim to do so in a way that you can clearly see each shade. This is a simple striping tape/colorblock mani which I think achieves my goal :) I made a T with my tape and filled in with the two rosy shades. Ginni is the lighter of the two, "described as a glittery pink tourmaline". Arlo is "described as a glittering violet amethyst".
 Zoya Bar "described as a glittery nude topaz". All three of these applied easily and you see 2-3 coats here. The ultra textured, matte, holographic Magical Pixie formula seems to have a more jelly base in this formula compared to last and I've got zero complaints about it.
These shades are so me it hurts. Next I'd like to see a baby aqua Magical Pixie :P

Zoya Magical Pixies are $10 and are available at zoya.com
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