KBShimmer Mixed Peelings, You're So Selfish and Tribal, Lines, Zig Zag Nail Vinyls Nail Art

Of course we are in the midst of Autumn shades and Holiday/Winter previews and I promise those are on the way, but I need to show you this look I created with KBShimmer Mixed Peelings, You're So Shelfish and KBShimmer Nail Vinyls.

   KBShimmer You're So Shelfish - peachy orange that is near neon. A bright pop of color! KBShimmer Mixed Peelings - creamy off white base floats glitters in neon green, lemon yellow and watermelon pink. KBShimmer Tribal Theme, Thick Thin Lines and Zig Zag Nail Vinyls
 I began this mani with 2 coats of Mixed Peelings. You can see the photo for the entire stunning Summer Collection in my last post.
Apply nail vinyls that you want to use as stencils, making sure they have a good tight seal on the nail. Paint with second shade and peel off vinyls as soon as possible. 
 For vinyls that you want to use as actual nail art stickers, simply peel off the sheet of vinyls and stick on. So easy!!! Top coat and done!
What do you think? I couldn't resist pairing these two bright happy shades together, and using nail vinyls as stickers is such an easy way to have instant nail art!

Nail vinyl sheets are $5.00, nail polish $8.75 and $7.50 available at www.HarlowandCo.org and www.KBShimmer.com
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  1. That new camera setup of yours is truly something else... just when I thought your photos couldn't possibly get any better... :)
    What a fun manicure, too! I'm digging Mixed Peelings and it's giving me mixed peelings about summer being over, lolol XD (sorry about that...)

  2. Such a great look...I love KBShimmer so much!

  3. I really like the combination of the colors and patterns.

  4. Everything about this look is a win- the color combination, the pattern, the textures. Love it!


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