Erin Condren Life Planner Quatrefoil Nail Art plus GIVEAWAY

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Hello and happyyyyy weekend! I'm super excited about today's post which involves three things I love: nail art, my Erin Condren Planner and a GIVEAWAY!
 I'm not going to go into a detailed review of the planner, there are hundreds of amazing You Tube videos you can find for those! I am just going to show you the pretty amazing (if I do say so!) manicure I created to show my love for my cover and planner!

 I used to be a paper and pen big time planner kind of girl. Then the smart phone came about and I went that route for a few years. I felt lightened (for not having to carry around a planner everywhere!) and tech savvy. But then I found myself not enjoying it and eventually not using it anymore.
 When I decided to go back to pen and paper planner it was so fun and really helped me organize my days, weeks and months better! And for someone who loves color and design this is way more satisfying!
 The Erin Conner Life Planner and I really get along well! I love how much space there is to list out your daily to do's, and organize them by category ie. morning, day, night or how I prefer: self, family, blog. I love how you can see your week ahead of you and the month at a glace is also quite spacious so you can add all your major events and not to forget appointments in there. The downfall of this of course is you have a somewhat heavy and bulky item to carry around with you, but I am already toting a large bag around so I don't mind that aspect.

 The mani I created was with the help of quatrefoil vinyls I purchased from Vinyl Quickies
 I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as the white base then I cut very small bits of sponge and sponged on 13 different shades for the pattern.
I absolutely adored these! Not sure if you can see in the image quality..but they were crystal clean and focused but the upload to Blogger messed with them and I spent the last 2 days trying to resolve that issue with no luck. Any other bloggers have any advice I'd appreciate! :D

Are you the planner type? Do you need to write it down or can you handle what life throws at you sans planner? Or are you happy with the digital version?

You can find Erin Condren on:

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