Paint All The Nails Presents Animal Print with Cirque Colors Vice 2016 Collection

Press sample
Hello all and happy summer!! I'm posting last minute over here, to join in with the lovely Paint All The Nails Group I'm in. We decided on an open ended Animal Print this month and I knew I wanted to go outside the leopard box for this one. My boys just finished first grade and we are eagerly looking forward to our vacation and snorkeling in the Caribbean this summer. So in honor of the tropical fishies I bring you my rendition of the Oriental Sweetlips fish! 
 Here's how I got this done. Two coats of Cirque Colors Carpe Diem then sponged on a gradient of High Roller and Electric Daisy from the Vice 2016 collection. Yes, I love them.
I painted on the stripes and dots with Cirque Colors Memento Mori then used acetone to dilute and give it that au naturale look.
 I love how these turned out! Think they match my inspiration well, do you?
Take a look at all the talent in this group! 


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