Powder Perfect Bermuda Triangle Trio - Polish Decal Triangle Nail Art

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Summer is in full swing and I've got a super summery trio from Powder Perfect to show you. And it's just your luck, if you haven't snatched these up yet, they are on sale, right now!!
This collection is inspired by The Bermuda Triangle, a famed “dead zone” between Bermuda, Florida & Puerto Rico where ships, submarines & aircraft mysteriously vanish without a trace! Some pilots report strange weather phenomena, others disappear without even issuing distress signals. While the cause of the disappearances remains unsolved, the Bermuda Triangle is firmly fixed on our paranormal radar.
Well, of course I had to create triangle nail art with this collection!! :P

 These were fairly easy to create! I simply painted out swatches on wax paper of each shade. I used 3 coats for each color as I wanted to be sure there would be a thickish decal to use. Once they were dry (but not like days old dry...then they become too brittle) I gently peeled off each color strip and cut tiny triangles! The photo above shows the design before top coat went on.
 Right before I was ready to place the triangles on the nail I applied Powder Perfect Smooth Sailing Base Coat so the decals would adhere to the nail! I must admit though, these decals were maybe too thick and I had to apply about 3 coats of Lightening Lady Top Coat to smooth it out, and therefore I created tiny bubbles in the top coat. It wasn't really visible to the eye, but I wanted to mention it. I do not believe the top coat was intended to be used the way I did.
The three shades of The Bermuda Triangle Trio:
Bermuda is a gorgeous bright teal crème lacquer.
Florida is a striking coral that is balanced between a neon & a pastel.
Puerto Rico – a true, vibrant purple crème.
I think all three are stunning and totally fit their namesake!

BONUS: enter VICTORIA when prompted at your cart and get 10% off the entire order until the end of the month (July, 31, 2016)

These are available now for $11USD/$10.50AUD and $12.50USD/$12.50AUD on http://www.powder-perfect.com/ or http://www.powderperfect.com.au/
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