Different Dimension Swatches and Reviews

Hey there!
I have 4 polishes from an Indie brand that I had never tried before. Take a look at Different Dimension's Etsy Shop and I dare you to not find something you will like! She has a huge selection!

 Amphitrite -  Beautiful aqua with gold shimmer and gold hexes. 
How pretty is this?? Showing you 2 easy coats here. I'm in love with this aqua color and I have nothing like this in my collection <3

 Inner Goddess - Iridescent/pearly base, with lots of iridescent color shifting glitters.
I have 1 coat over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Air. I think they make a great pair. HEY that rhymes hehe
 Look at that pink shimmer!! Super pretty. Something about light blue..and pink shimmer. Love.

 Maize & Blue Nail Polish - Jelly blue base with different sized yellow (maize) hexes in it.
 This is 2 coats on its own. It was a tiny bit thick..they way jellies can sometimes be, which is why I didn't use a third coat. I'm sure this would look fantastic over a teal/navy/green etc base.

 Scarlet & Grey - Creamy grey base with ultrafine red glitter, different sizes of red and white hexes.
 Showing you 2 coats here. Would look great with 3 or over a white I'm sure. No problems with formula or application.

 And that's it!! More to temp your wallet with!! Sorryyyyyyy. But not really :P Hope you enjoyed.

Have a great weekend!

*Disclosure - Products in this post were sent for my honest opinion and review.


  1. I like the first and the last :)

  2. I love aqua and gold together. Amphitrite is gorgeous!

  3. Maize & Blue Nail Polish is very different! It looks great!

  4. Victoria I think every polish you swatch, it would appear super gorgeous ~!~! It is really so hard to not grab those shades now >.<!

  5. I have two of these, but haven't worn them yet. Nice to see what they look like on the nail! Thanks for being my swatch stick today. :)

  6. Love the first one�

  7. Your pictures make everything look amazing, how will I ever comfort my wallet? ~_~

  8. My favorite is Amphitrite! I am loving blue/turquoise and gold together!

  9. I just love the Amphitrite - dreamy combo :)

  10. I loved the first one! SO gorgeous!

  11. Hi Victoria! Thanks for the swatches, I like the Amphitrite best. But I haven't "fallen" for any indie polish yet! Do you think I'll resist very long? lol I'm not sure.
    Also, I don't know how to say this without sounding weird or lame... but I really think you have beautiful hands and nails.

  12. I love these swatches! Hoping to win in the giveaway.

  13. I know this is random but how did you go from being an "average" nail blogger to having such stunning photos/nails? What kind of camera do you use to get such great quality?!


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