Sonnetarium So Punny Collection Swatch and Review

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Hello loves!
Here's a fun collection to share with you by an Indie brand I fell in love with long ago! Sonnetarium Snowfall (part of their core collection) remains to this day one of my all time favorite polishes. So I was honored when she asked if I would swatch these lovelies! I'm showing you the six shades that make up the So Punny Collection, which are available now. Check out their facebook for updates and shop at
 Sonnetarium Violet Tendencies a medium purple with violet hexes in all sorts of sizes, and violet shimmer. I needed 4 coats (plus top coat) for complete coverage.

 Sonnetarium Sun of a Beach an orange cream with tiny orange and yellow hexes. I have three coats here and top coat.

 Sonnetarium Mint To Be a mint green with green and blue hexes, and tiny blue sparks. I have 3 coats and top coat here.

 Sonnetarium Seas The Day a blue creme with blue and teal hexes, and cerulean circle glitters. Three coats plus top coat.

 Sonnetarium Pigment of Your Imagination a creamy white base with tiny glitters of many different colors. I needed 4 coats, plus top coat.

 Sonnetarium Pink About It a neon pink base with red hexes in various sizes. I have three coats here (plus top coat).

Overall, I like this collection a lot, and appreciate the range of shades, great for Summer. The formulas were all good and easy to work with, despite needing more than 2 coats for opacity. And in fact, the last shade shown, Pink About It, I would recommend layering it over white for the neon to pop, and for better coverage. As I'm a sucker for white based glitters Pigment of Your Imagination would be my top pick :) How about you?

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  1. I love mint to be and pigment of your imagination, great swatches :)

  2. These are super pretty! The names make me laugh lol! They all look so gorgeous on your nails :)

  3. Hard to pick a favourite... Love them all!

  4. Great review and swatches! There lovely :)

  5. Such a cute collection!! Love your swatches, my favourites are violet tendencies and pigment of your imagination :)

  6. Pigment of your Imagination is wonderful!


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