Intrinsics Pillowettes Review

*Edited with updated contest info*
A nail/beauty care product review for you today. I was sent these neat cotton "pillows" to try out, so naturally I tested them out to remove nail polish. It's a new product sold through distributors and I've actually never seen anything like it.

The website describes them as: "...miniature pillows filled with absorbent and luxurious cotton. 100% soft cotton surrounded by a neat slip-case so you may slide your fingers in for easier control. Ideal for makeup removal, face and nail use, or for waxing applications, our Pillowettes promise not only to be the most comfortable you’ve ever used, but the most dependable, too.  
  • Lint-free
  • Use during gel nail services
  • Ideal for make-up removal and facials
  • Apply post wax lotions and calming gels
 Intrinsics Pillowettes
 They come well packaged in a box that can be tabbed shut to keep out dust.
  I used one pad to remove three coats of texture polish. So, it had to do some work to get the polish off. It held up for all five nails on one hand. No shredding or falling apart of the pad and it didn't leave cotton fluffs or remnants behind. I was definitely impressed.
 I also tried it out with my waterproof mascara remover, and it worked flawlessly. Very easy to use and not rough on the delicate eye area. 
An additional use, it's possible to remove toe nail polish with these without ruining your manicure! Hallelujah! And I love that these don't leave lint or cotton strands behind :)

Find out more info and locate distributors:
Stay tuned to the Intrinsics facebook page for details on the Premiere Orlando Beauty Event and an upcoming contest! *Spa and salon professionals - like the Instrinsics Facebook page before June in order to enter the contest to win A YEAR'S SUPPLY of Pillowettes!

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  1. Great review on them. They sound very nice! I might have to check them out.

  2. TOO COOL! I would love these!

    I use cotton circle pads, but I cut them in half, then pump some remove on it, and insert my finger in the center. I leave it there for a few minutes and my polish just comes right off. NO scrubbing.

    But these look perfect!

  3. Can't believe one product has so many uses. Toe polish removal would be great!

  4. nice review - lint free is always the way to go :)


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