My Nails and My Yoga Pants Nail Art!

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Hello! I'm excited to show you a simple nail art look I created to match my new awesome yoga pants! I received these from Yoga Outlet to review and I couldn't help but to create a matching design. 
 I picked out this Vimmia pant because I loved the simple design but it's not without style and design. They feel great on and fit true to size with a flattering fit. I'm very happy with these and wear them often, not just for yoga! Shh...don't tell anyone!
 I adore that the top folds down to reveal this pretty blue based light pink.
 I adore even more that you can wear these full length or you can fold them up to have anklet pants and this pop of color on the bottom. was super easy to shop from and I love how for most of the products they have a quick video as well as multiple pictures so you really know what you are purchasing. Shipping was super fast. 

My polish shades are China Glaze Wanderlust and Sleeping Under The Stars, I used KBShimmer Oh Matte! for the matte stripe. Hope you liked my nails and my yoga pants post :D

All the best, 
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  1. If you likely be moving and stretching a lot, make sure your waist control yoga pants have a gusset, which looks like a triangular or diamond-shaped piece of fabric at the crotch.

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  4. Wow, your nail art perfectly complements those amazing yoga pants! It's impressive how you've coordinated the design with such precision. Those pants look like they're ready for any activity, whether it's yoga or just running errands. And hey, speaking of efficiency, have you ever considered Rail Freight Services Englewood for shipping? They could ensure your next activewear delivery arrives right on time!


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