Paint All The Nails Presents Pastel Geometric Nail Art with Floss Gloss

Hi all! Always a good day when I'm posting for our Paint All The Nails Link up! This month's challenge theme is "pastel geometric". I love how all the prompts are open enough for interpretation while still providing a common theme! 
I knew I wanted to use my Floss Gloss pastel pretties for this one! 

 I stamped with MoYou Dream Holiday stamping polish and MoYou The Pro plate 01 and then I used the Floss Gloss shades below to paint in each square using the reverse stamping technique. (The photos directly above and below have not been matted yet.)
 Here's the look before I matted it. Floss Gloss Baby Baby, Lavish, Wavepool and Glowstar
 I used KBShimmer Oh Matte! and yes, I adore this matte.
 You can see there are some spots that didn't get filled in with polish, which in my eyes makes this a not perfect mani, but I still love love how it turned out and those little spots are harder to notice in real life. Next time I will have to pay more attention to filling in each square completely (though I surely thought I did when I was in the middle of doing this mani!)
What do you think? These took quick a while to get done but I'm happy with them and think they fit the "pastel geometric" topic perfectly! 

Go check out the other ladies of the group, they are all SO talented! 

All the best, 


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