April Showers Bring May Flowers - Fresh cut lawns

I'm back with another ASBMF challenge. I had a vision of what I wanted this one to look like as soon as I heard the name "fresh cut lawns" and I wanted it to invoke those childhood days laying in the "fresh cut grass" with my best girls and the blue fluffy cloudy sky above. 

 I started with Hard Candy Sky for the sky!! This is 2 coats on the tip. I looove this blue. This is my happy blue.

 Sky and clouds: Hard Candy Sky, Essie Marshmallow, A England Morgan Le Fay. I probably should have gone with a more opaque white than Marshmallow, but I do like the subtle look of the clouds with accents of sparkly Morgan Le Fay. I wanted the clouds to look almost magical the way they do when you are a kid.
 The grass: Zoya Midori, Envy, Tracie, A England Dragon, Ciate Stiletto, Dollish Polish Master Chief
 I hope you can see the clouds and get a feel of being in that Spring time grass!

A few years ago, I re-connected with those childhood best friends, the ones who we thought we'd be BFF, you know?  I am blessed to call them best friends again! So this post is dedicated to my best childhood friends. So glad you are in my life again, Jennifer and Danielle <3

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Have a great night :)


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