April Showers Bring May Flowers - May Flowers

Hello again!!
Change is in the air!! I've been working with a friend to customize my blog which is exciting, and Spring is turning into Summer fast over here for us in NY. Which brings me to the next challenge in this series. MAY FLOWERS. Oh how I brainstormed for this one. I really wanted to pick a Springtime flower. Something that will ultimately make everyone think Spring. I narrowed it down to tulips and daffodils...and then....became obsessed with DANDELION SEEDS. Who hasn't made a wish on those ubiquitous icons of Spring? This is one of the images I used for inspiration: "make a wish!". And this is the other dandelion image!
I started by sponging (my first time!) Revlon Royal and Barry M Blueberry Ice cream for the sky. I guess I did good, because when my 3 yr old saw it he yelled "OH blue sky on your nails!" :)  Then there was the clean up :/ After that I used nail art brushes for the stem and wishes. It came out ok, but as always I'm very critical of my own stuff. sigh.
 Sally Hansen White On, Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, Revlon Royal, Zoya Yara and Midori, China Glaze White Cap
 Sponged blue skies. And with this one, I can't help but think of my brother. So, these "blue skies" are for you Cliff!!

Do these make you think of Spring? What wish would you make? I've got only two more manicures left in this challenge!! And then...bring on the summer challenge :)

Hope you all are well!

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  1. Those are so pretty and artistic :0) I love them!

  2. PERFECTION! Omg, I love it! I have this weird obsession with dandelions and wishes on them. Have you seen Beauty and the Beast? Yeah, one of my favorite quotes is from the scene including a dandelion. Gorgeous. =]

  3. very pretty it looks like a painting on a wall :)

  4. gorgeous! as usual :) nice sponging!

  5. I love it! You are so talented and a beautiful tribute to your brother :)

  6. pretty!! I really love the blue skies

  7. What a beautiful sponging job! I am surprised this is your first time, it looks incredible :)

  8. I think we're kindred spirits! This is right up my alley! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you!!! And I just saw that I am on your blog roll <3 Really appreciate it :)

  9. Any chance to post a tutorial on sponging? (if that is even a word)

  10. Thats amazing! I love how it looks like miniature oil paintings!

  11. This is really fantastic. I love this!

  12. Awesome!! I love everything about it! :)

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