Chanel L’ÉTÉ PAPILLON DE CHANEL Vernis Summer 2013 Nail Polish Swatch and Review

Look what a gorgeous collection Chanel has released for Summer 2013. I love these three nail polishes so so much I had to force myself not to buy backups! These were purchased from and arrived super fast. I will start with my favorite.

 Chanel Azure is a blue - teal duochrome with a metallic like finish. It is simply amazing. I used two coats here, easy formula.
 This is probably one of the polishes I would take with me if I were going to get stranded on a deserted island for a year. It glows. It colors shifts. Aqua-teal-green-blue. Subtle and sophisticated. Gah. Love.

 Chanel Bel-Argus a medium blue with a subtle metallic finish. This is two coats, no problems with formula at all. This has depth to it for sure. It has a glow to it as well.

 Chanel Lilis is a perfect intense coral creme with a perfect formula as well. Two coats that applied like a dream. This one photographed redder than it really is. I altered the color setting to get it to appear more true to life.

I just love the Summer collections! Filled with brights, juicy colors and rich hues. How about you? Which is your favorite nail polish season? Which of these Chanels would you reach for first?

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  1. These are so stunning! I especially love the cheerful, creme-y coral, and Azure is just total LOVE.

  2. are they similar to the china glaze bohemian shades? the orange and blue could also be dupes from opi's spiderman collection. Sorry chanel I'll pass

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  8. These are all stunning!

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  10. And now I am doubting to get Azure after all. Your swatches are just too pretty!

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