Messy Jessi Speckled Egg Collection Swatch and Review

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Hi friends!!
I have a new to me Indie brand to show off today. Check out Messy Jessi on Facebook and shop here: The collection I have is called Speckled Egg, and you will soon see why. 
They all had a very good formula and were easy to apply! 

 Messy Jessi Quail - this required 3 coats for full coverage. What an interesting pair. I feel like I will return to this one in the Fall as well.

 Messy Jessi Easter Bunny. Love. Two easy coats.

 Messy Jessi Snowy Plover needed 2-3 coats and had some slight trouble spots with application, but 3 coats and top coat covered nicely.

 Messy Jessi House Wren. Two coats, 3 coats in some spots. Love this combination too! Something about the soft pink with layered black glitters!

 Messy Jessi Finch, this one actually gave me the most trouble and needed three coats, slitt showing a little bit of drag and bald spots. Even so, the final look is near perfect!

 Messy Jessi Mockingbird. Ah swoon! I'm a sucker for blue. I am. And when it resembles a Robin's egg, which I think this kinda does..I'm done for. My fave of the bunch :) Two coats.

 Messy Jessi Speckled - Currently being sold as an Oklahoma Tornado fundraiser. This is one coat over Color Club Bright Night
Overall, pleased with this new brand and these polishes! I do have to note however, some of the larger glitters in this mix are seeing some slight curling but not enough to bother me or render the mani unwearable in any way.
These are all on SALE (except for the black glitter fundraiser top coat) RIGHT NOW at her shop!! If you want em go scoop them up before they are sold out.

Be well!

*Product(s) provided for unbiased review consideration.


  1. They all look amazing :)

  2. I love these! The glitter is so much bigger in these than the Illamasquas. I got all of them, but Finch (sold out) and Speckled. I'm so glad I finally got these though!

  3. oooo I am all about the quail - all kinds of goodness!

  4. i love these speckled polishes that are popping up. have most of the illamasquas but need these too!

  5. I love Quail and Fich! The last mix is beautiful :)

    Good work!

  6. Sad I missed out on the sale, but I'll definitely be getting my hands on these at some point. They're fabulous!

  7. ValiantlyVarnishedMay 29, 2013 at 9:25 AM

    They're all sold out. I'm so sad :( These colors are gorgeous. They remind me a lot of Illamasqua's Imperfection collection- but I like these better. They seem to have better glitter coverage.

  8. Oh my, these polishes are amazing :)

  9. Beautiful collection! My favourite is Messy Jessi Mockingbird :-)


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