KBShimmer Ice Queen and Clown Puke Blingtastic! Digit-al Dozen Bling Week

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Hope your week is off to a good start. Today is day 2 for the Digit-al Dozen's Bling Week and I gave a look through my collection for some of the most blingtastic...and came up with these two from KBShimmer. You can see more from KBShimmer on their facebook page and shop at kbshimmer.com.
 KBShimmer Ice Queen and Clown Puke
 The base is 2 coats of Contrary Polish Sky (which I will show you in a future post) and an Ice Queen/Clown Puke gradient.

 It's hard to put into words just how "blingy" this is in person. It was confusing my camera even.
 These are both super fun and chock full of glitterrrr!!! No problems with formula, you only need to use careful application due to all the glitter. The dabbing method works well with these.

Do you think this is enough BLING? Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment! I'm not even sure yet what it will be!

xo, Victoria

Let's see what Day 2 looks like with the rest of the group:


  1. Pretty glitters! Love what you did with them on your manicure :)

  2. Mína nail polishMay 15, 2013 at 2:19 AM

    What a nice combination!

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  5. Love clown puke, so colourful!!! Really lovely gradient too :)

  6. Clown puke has to be the most awesome name for a polish ever!

  7. DITTO! You stole my words! Haha!

  8. This looks amazing! I love the two together over that blue!


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