Digit-al Dozen September Spectacular Fashion Inspired Nail Art - Valentino FW 13-14

Hope you are doing good tonight! I have the last of our Digit-al Dozen September Spectacular manis to show you. We decided to celebrate one year of Digit-al Dozen mani challenges with revisiting each month's theme. The last one is fashion! (My little ones have been sick, so I missed the last two, books and tape, but hope to get them up late.) Here's the Valentino dress that I was inspired by. My manicure did not turn out as amazing as I'd hoped. I still need practice with intricate work for sure.

Source: Valentino

I have 3 coats of OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons as the base and freehanded the white lace with acrylic paint. As I mentioned above, this is not my favorite. But it's done and I wanted to be able to complete this challenge month. I'll keep practicing my detail work...in the meantime check out what all the other ladies did!



  1. beautiful manicure! I like the bag! kiss



  2. DPMB is a lifesaver, its such a great nude, which seems to look good on everyone! i love the design!

  3. I always look forward to your fashion inspired manis! I really love this.

  4. I love this look!! I think it's pretty darn intricate and detailed, but I know that feel of "this isn't what I hoped it would be" all too well <3

  5. I like your inspiration and your manicure, it looks so delicate! :-)


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