Rescue Beauty Lounge Je t'aime! Je t'aime! Collection Swatch and Review

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Hello everyone!! Thrilled to share with you part one of the unveiling of the next RBL collection!
*Now includes final 2 shades*
Rescue Beauty Lounge Launches Je t’aime! Je t’aime!

Ji Baek’s newest spring collection—Je t’aime! Je t’aime! —is inspired by her love of
Parisian farmer’s markets. Who can resist the refreshing banter between sweet-talking
vendors? Living in Paris has inspired Baek’s aesthetic and color palette. Je t’aime! Je
t’aime! is her take on French culture. Read her full blog post for more behind the inspiration.

Introducing: Je t’aime! Je’ t’aime!

 BONNE JOURNEE: “Have a good day,” is how we should all take leave of anyone—
this is a happy rose pink with blue undertones and a hint of copper. The shimmery satin
finish will put a smile on your face and spread happiness! This cool pink complements
all skin colors and the formula simply glides on. Pink shimmer has never looked this
I found this to be a stunning shade, very hard to capture the pink/rose/copper in photos! I needed 3 coats for opacity and there are some brushstrokes due to the nature of this type of shimmer.
 AH, OUI: “Ah, yes.” Just keep saying this if you don’t understand a thing anyone is
saying. This color epitomizes Parisian chic. It’s not blue, not purple, and not gray; it is
the embodiment of the picturesque, powdery cloudless Parisian sky. This polish is a
glasslike periwinkle cream-jelly, transparent in one coat with an exceptionally smooth
application; you can even add another coat on the tips of your nails for an easy gradient
Beautiful jelly creme! Glass like finish! Also needs 3 coats for opacity.
 C’EST TOUT: A rivalry between gunmetal and green; sometimes it appears to be a dark
gray with blue undertones and in another moment, you will see green with micro
shimmers of pink, blue, and gold. If you are ever asked, “Avec ├ža?” You should answer
with a resounding, “That’s all!”
This one for me is the star of the show. Classic RBL. Gorgeous multispark shimmers. Flawless in 2 coats.
 PARDONNE MOI: This phrase somehow sounds more chic than “excuse me” when
you’re bumping into people at the market. This color is a satin finish of an exceptional
indigo blue overcast with iris purple. Flashes of a beautifully generous shimmer gleams
with stunning sparkles.
Another stunner, sometimes looks blue, sometimes purple. Three coats here.

All swatches with RBL base coat and top coat except Ah, Oui is without top coat. All have impecable formula, meaning they go exactly where you want them to and self level with ease. 

*EDIT to include final two shades*
 COMBIEN?: Possibly the most important French word to ask when you shop—it
means: “How Much?” Elegant and neutral, this beige gold with a slight rose cast is not
too shy to ask how much. Combien is jammed-packed with sugary shimmer, but dries
down to a matte for a tasteful glam. Add a swipe of topcoat to amp up the bling factor.
Beautiful and complex gold! Excellent formula, this is 2 easy coats with Rescue Beauty Lounge top coat. I'm not sure it works with my skin tone, but I still like it!
 TROIS OIGNONS ROUGES: Like the insides of red onions, this color is a cross
between magenta and a toned-down fuchsia that dries to a chic matte. For ultra shine,
use our legendary topcoat.
 Ugh. My favorite of the collection! Love the sheer buildable nature of this shade. I have 4 coats with Rescue Beauty top coat, applies easily!
 I just love how juicy this shade is, and the color just pops!
Which is your fave?

Spring 2015 Collection
Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are exclusively available at for $20

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to
improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde,
DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin. We do not test on animals.

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Pre-order is noon EST March 24 - noon EST March 26, 2015
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  1. Wowza such beautiful photos! You captured Pardonne Moi PERFECTLY!

  2. Gorgeous swatches, as always! Ah, Oui looks so amazing on you!

  3. Ah, Oui is amazing! A big yes to that one.

  4. Your swatches are to die for! Ah Oui is my favourite, the finish looks so gorgeous

  5. Pardonne Moi and Ah, Oui are definitely my favorites! Your swatches are just stunning!

  6. Ah Oui is so flawless! Such a perfect colour. Gorgeous swatches!

  7. My favourite is definitely "Ah Oui", gorgeous! :-)

  8. Hi Victoria, as usual, your swatches are just beautiful. By the way, I wonder what basecoat you use? XOXO

  9. Hi Cat! Thank you! Sorry I didn't respond sooner. If I have it, I use the basecoat for the brand of polish I'm using. My top 3 base coats are Diorlisse ridge filler base, Rescue Beauty Base coat and KBShimmer base coat. xo


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