KBShimmer Summer 2015 Collection Part 1 - Sun Bleached Neon

Press Release

KBShimmer is bleaching more than just highlights with the Summer Collection: Part 1! The line of 7 tropical inspired, sun-bleached neon cream polishes and 2 holographic glitter top coats are giving the typical bright hues of the season a much needed update! KBShimmer’s Summer Collection: Part 1 will launch May 15, 2015 with cream formulas retailing for $7.50 and top coats for $8.75. Keep an eye out the Summer Collection: Part 2, an explosion of glitter, is coming soon! 

DUST IN THE BOTTLE: A sparkly holographic dust top coat, ideal for adding bling to any manicure
LEI IT AGAIN: An electric pink cream
BAHAMA DRAMA: A near neon deep peach cream  

LEGGO MY MANGO: A creamsicle orange cream  
RUM ME THE RIGHT WAY: A shocking yellow cream and the perfect swap for nude
FOR SAIL BY OWNER: A juicy lime cream
IN YACHT WATER: A Caribbean blue cream with aqua leanings  
SARONG PLACE, SARONG TIME: A vibrant purple cream  
PRECIOUS PETALS: A glitter top coat in neon pink, purple, white, and aqua with a fine holographic dust

The KBShimmer Summer 2015 Collection: Part I will be available May 15, 2015 KBShimmer.com, Amazon.com and at select salons & retailers. For sales outside the U.S., visit www.harlowandco.org.


  1. Victoria, I am loving bleached neons and am so happy they're catching on with more manufacturers! These are some unique shades and I'll most likely end my months'-long no-buy (since last fall!) with the purchase of "For Sail By Owner". It's so different! =)


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