The Lazy Days of Summer - Flag Day Patriotic Nails

Hello lovely readers!! Have I mentioned lately how very grateful I am to have you? Well, I am :) And here is my "Flag Day" challenge. I decided to go full out patriotic :P Also joining with my "Try it out Tuesday" girls because 3 of these polishes (Patriot, Stars and Stripes and Dead Calm) I have never worn before!

Thumb: 2 coats Sally Hansen White on, Illamasqua Throb and Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm and a sticker from Michael's Craft Store
Index: 2 coats Wet and Wild Silvivor, 2 coats of Amy's Nail Boutique Patriot
Middle: 2 coats White On, RBL Dead Calm with loose glitter, Illamasqua Throb stripes
Ring: 2 coats White On, Loose glitter applied one at a time
Pinky: 1 coat Amy's Nail Boutique Oh Bother, 1 coat Utopia's Polish Stars and Stripes
 I really like how it turned out, but if I had to do it again, I'd do the index and pinky fingers with the same red, white and blue...just different designs, instead of the glitter polishes. Which are by the way...awesomeness in a bottle, both of them.

Do you like the look of the index and pinky with different glitter polishes or do you think I should have stayed consistent with the red, white and blue polishes and just did different designs on them?

Check out all the other awesome ladies doing this challenge with me!! -- If I have forgotten to add you, please let me know and I will fix it!!

As always, thanks for reading!! See you next time :D 


  1. I love this!! It's such a fun look! And super patriotic! I'm going to working on mine today and was going to go all out too! Also, I don't think I'm on your challenge link list

    1. Thank you!! Sorry I forgot to add you Amanda! It's fixed now :) Can't wait to see yours!

  2. I love how creative these are! My favorite is your middle finger, though!!:)

  3. I especially love the middle finger!

  4. very nice. I just finished doing red white and blue flags on my nails.

  5. Love it! I actually like the different glitters on the index and pinky; it looks good since all the other nails are different too :)

  6. beautiful mani! i really can't decide which design i like the best, they all look so fab! (:

  7. I love this! The different glitters add more character! That sticker from Micheal's is super cute!

  8. Happy holidays, you oudid yourself once again, I love seeing your manis

  9. I love each nail, but I think 5 totally different nails means there's nothing to focus on. Instead of a cohesive design, it's just a hodge-podge. Those glitters are great and I really love the flag nail and the thumb with the stripes and the stars within a star - that's great. I think it would have been better to have some of the really amazing designs, like the thumb or ring finger, with the rest of the nails one or two colors or do one color with the glitter.

  10. oh i LOVESEY LOVESEY LOVESEY !!!!! the ring finger is awesome (patience, much) and i also love the drama of the middle nail. Awesome xxx


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