Smitten Polish swatches and reviews

OK! Just look at what I've got to show you today! Two great glitter polishes from Smitten Polish. Follow her on Facebook.  Noelie has a beautiful blog too, where you can see her own swatches and keep up with what's new. Purchase at her Etsy shop.

Smitten Polish - The One On the Right, Moonbeam Dreams

 This is Moonbeam Dreams. A lovely "Blue and purple glitter suspended in a purple milky base". How pretty is this? Application was easy, no issues, but I should two thick coats (as you can see on the middle finger) or 3 thin coats. What you see here is 2 coats, but seeing them enlarged I feel I should have done 3 coats.

 The One On the Right - a clear winner for me. "Several sizes of pink and blue glitter suspended in a creamy bright blue base." This went on easily, coverage in 2 non streaky coats. Did I say I love this one? I think it's perfect in fact!

Which is your favorite? I have two other Smitten Polishes which I now can't wait to try. fact, I want them all :D

Have a great night!

*Disclosure* These were sent to me for my honest opinion and review.


  1. The One On the Right is my favorite- that is a great color combo!

  2. On the first picture The One On the Right is not on the right, so that name is lying! :)

  3. The one on the right is very pretty hehe

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