Sparkles by Julie Water Lily swatch and review

Anther Indie to show you! This is the gorgeous Water Lily by Sparkles by Julie. She sells this for $8.50 in her Etsy Store.

Water Lily from Sparkles by Julie
 Pretty isn't it?? This was an easy application of 2 coats, no issues. From her description: "A beautiful gold shimmering white nail polish, kinda inspired by my pet mouse Lilly, and a bit inspired by the beautiful Water Lily's that magically float around on the murky waters of the world. This polish is packed with gorgeous glitters in gold, holographic, black and a little bit of blue for good measure, do I hear Wedding Bells?"

Will definitely wear this one again! I'm just loving white/glitter polishes and this one is special :)

Have a great day!!

*Disclosure* This was purchased with a blogger discount.


  1. So light and lovely! Bonus that it's a stand alone.

  2. Ooooh, this is gorgeous!! It reminds me of a whiter version of Nerd Lacquer Carbon Allotrope.

  3. Pretty! I don't have any Indie polishes yet. Still plotting my first move. I saw a Lynnderella reached $800 on eBay today!

  4. Wow, that's really one gorgeous indie nail polish!!

  5. It's pretty!! Looks nice on you

  6. It is really beautiful. Been looking at Indies polishes lately and this is truly a unique one.


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