The Polish Bar swatches and reviews

Hi :) Please forgive the following three finger swatches!! I've never done this before and don't mean to make a habit of it but when I was thinking about what pairings to do for these lovely polishes today...I felt very strongly about putting them over the same color! And well, this is what happened :P

Each of these are shown over 2 coats of Ciate Stilleto which is my favorite green, ever! I couldn't help but include some shots of my "underwear" to share with you, also, so you can see that these glitters are in a clear base.

The Polish Bar- Strawberries N' Cream, Citrus Squeeze, Oceanside

Ciate Stiletto

This is showing two coats of Stiletto and two coats of each Polish Bar color. Easy application, I did dab on, it places where the glitter smeared off the nail with the brush stroke. Not a big deal and often happens with glitters.

I really love each of these!! Please follow The Polish Bar on Facebook and to shop, go to her Etsy store. She is currently in vacation mode, but says she will re-open soon :)

Which one is your favorite? Not sure I could pick but if you forced me I'd have to say Oceanside, both for the name and the combination of colors and types of glitter. <3

Thanks for reading!!

*Disclosure* These minis were sent to me for my honest opinion and review.


  1. wow your pictures are so breathtaking! the undies and glitter are absolutely perfect! :D

  2. They look lovely! Must compliment you about your pictures, they are so beautiful!

  3. I love them all, they all go really well with the green base coat as well xx

  4. gorgeous swatches and pictures... I really like Citrus Squeeze!!

  5. I really like Citrus Squeeze! Although i keep on comparing it to pretty & polished's phoenix even though they aren't really similar.

  6. wow! i think you picked the perfect base color for all 3! the orange one is amazing. i love the crinkles in the tiny blue glitters. the red is adorable. i would be most inclined to purchase the orange if i could only ever choose one.

  7. They all look completely awesome over that shade of green!

  8. The green is super eye catching. But anywho, the strawberries and cream looks so cute!!!

  9. I love the combo with the green and the oceanside! That green is really beautiful.


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