Coffee Is My Sunshine Nail Art - Digit-al Dozen Geek Week

Hello. Have I mentioned I love coffee? You may have figured it out when I put a caffeine molecule on my nails yesterday.'s not just that I love coffee, because I only have one cup a day, it's more that I'm a coffee geek. For real. The fact that I have at least 8 different machines in my house right now to brew up the beans qualifies me for this title, right? A coffee snob as well. Very particular about what bean gets ground in here every morning. My husband and I met actually through a shared love of this fine beverage and our first date got it...a cappuccino date <3 might even see more coffee love from me before this week is out. But today was inspired by the old fashion coffee ads. Hope I gave it a slightly antique feel with the colors I chose. I love how this turned out :)

 This started with 2 coats of Hard Candy Crush on Copper from their new Crushed Chromes collection. (I'll show this again with the other Crushed Chromes I received) Once it was dry I taped off my sections and added 2 coats of Nicole by OPI Alex by the Books

 A few photos of this before the mug went on because I liked it a lot. I think the contrast in colors and finishes does well together.

 I freehanded the mug with Nicole by OPI Totally in the Dark and the accents are with Nicole by OPI A Phil's Paradise.

Does it make you want to go get a cup of Joe? I sure do :P

Be well!

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  1. I'm loving the new chromes from Hard Candy! This color combo looks really nice too <3

  2. Haha!! This is soooo cool! Love the mug of coffee right there! Plus, its such a great colour combination!

  3. love it!! i can only have one cup a day myself, so i am very picky as to what its gonna be! we love our special coffees around here!

  4. Oh my, what a great mani, I love how you taped this is so artsy. I could never do that, need an extra dose of patience.
    I'm not very fan of how Americans drink coffee and that peculiar habit of flooding it with water, mixing it with all kind of flavoured beverages and tons of sugar. I, personally see a Starbucks store and run away :P
    I do like un bel ristretto though!

    1. I so agree with you Natalia. I drink mine European style, no flavors, no sugar :)

  5. So lovely! It all comes together nicely! :)

  6. Wow!!! This is so cool! I super love the color combos and the design. You did it neatly and nicely. Great job!

  7. I love the combo you used and how you showed the tape on your nails. I'm sitting here drinking my cup of joe as I'm typing this and after seeing your nails, the coffee just got better ;-)

  8. what a super cool idea, i need to try this technique

  9. I used to run a coffee shop so I can relate to your being a coffee snob. Anytime I go into a Starbucks I begin muttering to myself. Love this design!

  10. I love the design, and the little coffee cup just makes it!

  11. This is killer creative! I'm also a lover of the fine bevy and you're freehand very impressive!

  12. Great post! I never thought to use painter's tape... so much easier than scotch tape. AWESOME mani!

  13. Absolutely in love with this! The color combination is amazing <3

  14. I love the glitter pinwheels! It reminds me of old timey coney island for some reason!

  15. These are too amazing! The colors are beautiful together! :)

  16. Very artistic, thanks for sharing. I appreciate the tape pics; I was wondering how exactly you taped it off.

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  18. Coffee is my comfort food! Always with peppermint syrup.

  19. Hi! I'm a new reader of yours! Absolutely love your nail art, and this one is just so much fun--really creative. Thanks for sharing!



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