piCture pOlish Sky Swatch and Review

It's piCture pOlish Friday! I've had a quiet week and haven't been posting, been very busy. Bad stuff and good stuff but I'm happy to get back to work! Today I have the super gorgeous Sky, which was provided for review. This can be purchased from piCturepOlish.com and other retailers in the piCture pOlish networkUSA price is $12.50 and it will be available at piCture pOlish on-line for AUD$10.00.
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 This is very nearly my ideal blue. I just love it! Formula is good though I did need 3 coats to smooth out any streaks and for full opacity. This is without top coat.


Are you are sucker for blues too? If so..this kinda has to go on the "list" :P

Hope your Friday is treating you well.

*Product provided for review.  


  1. yep, I'm a sucker for blues. I also love greens right now! This is pretty.

  2. Wow this color is perfection, reminds me of a blue mint or something.
    And I agree your nails are perfect I'm so jealous :[

  3. I love pastel blues and greens right now! This polish is perfect.

  4. Oh my! This is a perfect blue <3

  5. I hope everything is okay, and I'm glad to see you're posting again. This is a beautiful pale blue. Sometimes with these kind of colours the formula can be not so great, but this looks perfect. And I'm amazed that this is without top coat as well. <3

  6. Nossa lindo e a esmaltação é perfeita.
    Passando para te desejar um ótimo fim de semana.

  7. I used to see blue nail polish and think thats not me, but Ive realized I have a lot more blues thsn Id ever thought I would. This is a lovely color for Spring!

  8. Lovely shade. Perfect Spring color! Think it might be close to Zoya's Blu (?)
    Happy Easter!

  9. Mmmm, I love it! And I need it! :)


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