Digit-al Dozen Tape Week Chevron/gap Nail Art with Zoya Kerry and Thandie

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Greetings from my gorgeous Caribbean hotel room!! Yes, I'm on vacation! Yes, I shouldn't be at work posting at all, BUT it's Digit-al Dozen week, the nails are already done and edited, I just didn't have time before leaving to schedule the posts. And, my little ones are sound asleep, so it's not like I could be out partying anyway :P This is what I have on today for the travel and I was complimented many times throughout the trip down here :) Love that.
 I have on two coats of Zoya Kerrie, which goes on easily and is, well, stunning! It just about glows.
 After Kerrie dried, I used striping tape to block off center strip and chevron tips and painted on 1-2 coats of Zoya Thandie.
 These two area a pairing I wouldn't normally gravitate towards, and yet, I love it. Feels ultimately Summer-y.
 I had actually meant to add another taped off section to these, but fell in love with them as is.

And that's it!! Hope my nails hold up ok, it is a beach vacation after all and the beach (and travel in general) aren't known to be kind to nails. Oh and get this!!! Worst nail blogger ever...I searched every square inch of my things..I somehow didn't pack my nail file. Ack. I'll have to ask at the spa if they have an extra :)


  1. That is gorgeous. Perfect for summer too. That would have matched the outfit I had on today. I need those polishes now. I already wanted Thandie but now Kerrie is on my wish list too. I love the sparkle.

  2. It is beautiful! I think my next one will be inspired by this one... Of course I will certainly quote the source!

  3. Simply gorgeous, the colours go really well together.

  4. This is such a cool combination. I especially love the stripe down the middle, it gives your mani an extra something special.

  5. gah! so cool! and now i absolutely must get that gold polish!

  6. This manicure screams "summer!" :-) Beautiful! :-)

  7. LOVE these colors together!! They make me think of Egyptian artifacts :p

  8. I am imagining this in all sorts of different colour combinations. I'm with you on the 'leave well enough alone' sentiment -- these are perfection, a nice mix of delicate and bold. I'm in LOVE.

  9. GORGEOUS! I loooove the combo of the foil and creme :).


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