Digit-al Dozen Tape Week Diamond Nail Art with Zoya

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Hey there! Bringing you another Digit-al Dozen manicure for tape week. You KNOW I couldn't miss this one, even though I'm thoroughly enjoying my vacation, I'm taking the time to get these posted because tape floats my boat. These were all done last week, but I ran out of time to get them all written up and scheduled.

This one features Zoya Yana, Darcy and Kerry from the Summer 2013 Stunning and Irresistible collections. The photo above is the one shot I took before adding top coat.
I started with two coats of Zoya Yana and let dry.
Taped off my diamond sections and filled in with 2 coats of Darcy and Kerry and lifted up the tape. I had no problems with the formulas or using these for nail art. I think these actually looked better in person than they do in the photos.

Happy to have you reading, as always!

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  1. Perfection!! And your nails are looking fab!! They always look fab...but they look especially fab right now. They must have known you were going on vacation! ;)

  2. I like this one so much.... I think I'll try to replicate it! Btw.... don't worry mine will never be as beautiful as yours!

  3. Amazing! I am constantly astounded by your skills! :)

  4. Would it be possible for you to post your nails with the tape on them? I would like to see what the tape looks like and how the image builds to the final look. Thanks!

  5. Perfect! The final effect is stunning! :-)


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