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Good morning lovely readers!! I'm proud to show you my first guest post today. I can happily tell you that I am friends with this wonderful lady. She is such a positive presence in the nail community and tirelessly - ok, maybe she gets a little tired :P organizes groups and nail challenges. Let's see what she created...

Hi Goddesses

I am Debbie, aka The Crumpet, and I am thrilled to be the guest on Victoria's blog today.  We've been bestest blogging buddies for over a year now, and we're polar opposites in many ways .....

When I think of Victoria, I think of professional, clean, crisp designs, manis which look like they took HOURS of patience, perfect photos, and those hands!  Seriously, she could model with those hands!  Me, on other hand, messy, little bit chaotic, loves splatters and manis that involve splodging .... and I've NEVER redone a nail to make it more perfect :)

So, intially, I was going to do something you'd never normally see on Vic's blog and go all messy on you, but eventually, this mani accidentally evolved, and once it was complete, this seemed the perfect place for it to go.  Hopefully it's clean, crisp and precise.  Well, in a Crumpet-y kinda way :)

The base for this mani is the STUNNING The Dark Defender by Cadillacquer.   It is just too breathtaking for words.   A deep teal flakie, this glows from within ... and look, can you see them ... there are even PINK flakies in there.

I then added some chevrons using w7 Silver Suede and had that classic moment of "should I, shouldn't I?"  Was it enough, or should I go further?  (Ladies, if you're unsure, now is the time to take photos, just in case it all goes tits up!)

And then I added the pink bling.  I so wanted to highlight the pink flakie goodness in the polish, and surprisingly, the trio of colours played nicely together.  And hey, I even used tweezers!

I have to say, Vic, this is probably the longest I have ever spent on a mani, and I was more committed to getting it perfect for you than I ever have been on my own blog lol.   Love you lots, and don't get sunburnt or cocktail poisoning in Thingy da Thingy, or wherever you've poshly gone on holiday.  Without me!

Enjoy xx  

Thanks so much Crumpet Debbie!!! xoxox 


  1. Fabulous design! I love the blue and the metallic! Gorgeous! :)

  2. This may actually be the best crumpet design ever. And Debs, you've done me proud with your bling!

  3. Lovely. I like the idea of the rhinestones.

  4. Oh I need to get the Dark Defender! This is very beautiful Debbie!


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