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Hello loves! Another smashingly beautiful guest post for you today as my vacation winds down. Take a look at what my dear friend Leslie at work/play/polish created!

Hello Manicurator readers! I’m a little star struck to be contributing a guest post to The Manicurator. Victoria is one of my best friends in the world…and we met through blogging! But long before that, I was a huge fan. So it’s a little surreal for me to be writing something for her blog! Of course, I stressed about it. Finally Victoria texted, “Just do something simple with pretty colors.” Aha! This chick is a genius.

For today’s mani, I was inspired by an original Lucie Sommers pink and white textile (you can find her on Etsy here). I started with two coats of Jesse’s Girl JulieG nail polish in Damsel. Then I painted the design using a small nail art brush and white acrylic paint. I know, acrylic paint is “cheating on the nail polish” as Victoria would say.  But if you want thin solid white details over a colored base…it’s the only way to go.

I tried (oh, how I tried) not to worry about making it perfect. Fortunately, the shapes are fairly simple. I think the imperfections make it look more “painterly” anyway.

It was a real honor to guest post for my dear nail blogging sensei while she’s off gallivanting the globe. I expect great things from her when she returns. Thanks for reading!

    I think I'm getting spoiled with these amazing guest posts :P Hope you are enjoying! I've got two more guest posts coming up and then I'm back to work :D
xo, Victoria 


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