Digit-al Dozen September Spectacular Tape Nail Art with Zoya Zenith Collection

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Hello! How's your Monday going? I'm polishing and brainstorming. A fun combination. Speaking of, I have the last of my Digit-al Dozen September Spectacular (yes, late!) to show you today. The theme for this one was "tape", one of my favorite techniques! I used 4 of the 6 brand new Zoya Zenith collection and they all worked fabulously for nail art! Go Zoya!

 Back row left to right: Zoya Dream, Zoya Cassedy
Front row left to right: Zoya Payton, Zoya Seraphina
 I started with Zoya Seraphina. Easy application, great coverage for this gorgeous silver metallic.
 I used a makeup sponge to sponge on Zoya Dream. Which is in fact a dream :) A deep blue holographic. Love.

 A look at how I applied the tape for the first shapes using Zoya Cassedy a pewter metallic. Another winner in my book.
 And lastly I used tape again to add Zoya Payton, a stunning cranberry holo. I can easily see this become my new Fall favorite.

This was a really interesting look to wear. Even more striking in person I think. I liked especially how the taped shapes were so shape but the background had this soft gradient to balance it. What do you think? Hit or miss? 

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  1. I love it!! How come my sponging doesn't turn out anything like this? Lool. The whole thing totally reminds me of Star Trek :)

  2. Thanks Liesl! I never watch Star Trek, but after this one was done I was like..hmmm this is very Star Trek-y isn't it? :P And sometimes I'm luckier with the sponging than other times...

  3. I love it! I thought it to be very sci-fi too!

  4. Hi! OMG! God beautiful manicure!



  5. Zoya Dream is really a dream! Wonderful manicure, good work! :-)

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