April Showers Bring May Flowers - April Showers!

Hello everyone!

Moving right along with our Spring challenge, here's April showers for you!! My idea was to make rain clouds and of course, have the rain drops falling from them.  I definitely like how this turned out, but my favorite part about it is that the rain drops are a polish from one of my favorite indie brands GlitterDaze, called APRIL RAIN :) This is from her Simply Spring collection which I will review in a future post. You can purchase April Rain and all of Sana's other beautiful creations at her etsy shop, right here.

I used a base coat of gelous, and then dotted on my dark grey clouds with China Glaze Recycle. I then painted a coat of Revlon Blue Lagoon for the non cloud nails. Once dry, I dotted on the light grey clouds with China Glaze Pelican Gray and did one coat of GlitterDaze April Rain on other nails. Then a coat of Seche to speed along the whole process and give a smoothness to the glitter.

I almost left the manicure like this, because, uh, I LOVE this glitter.

But, I continued on, with my "plan". Using striping tape on the now dry nail, I created my raindrops. Two thin coats of Pelican Gray, carefully lift the striping tape, one at a time (before the polish dries!) and there you have it!

What do you think? Does it look enough like a rainy day? 

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day :)


  1. Thanks! Me too! And that was only one coat (over a Revlon light blue)! I'll put up reviews of all of her polishes very soon :)

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  3. Wow. Came out awesome. Love your take on it. The raindrops look cool peeking through.


  5. Ohmygosh, this is one of the cutest manicures EVER!!! :'D I LOVE it! :D

  6. Nice idea! That glitter is really beautiful. I like how it peeks through. But I almost have to say that it's a shame that it is all covered.

  7. I am just LOVING this idea!! I am most definitely going to have to try this one out! Soooo many cool ideas sparking! Nice work!

    Btw... I have nominated you for an award ♥ You can find my blog on my profile! Keep rockin it lady!

  8. This is super cute!! I love the striping tape idea!987ii877777980

    1. (don't mind the numbers... i didn't realize my dog typed that when i got up lmao)

  9. Thank you thank you everyone! So glad you like it :)


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