Rescue Beauty Lounge Cuprum swatch and review

Well. What can I say? The marvelous Ji, the name behind the brand, has done it again. The "Fan Collection" in which she went to her fans to design their dream polish (HOW COOL IS THAT?) is in my hands! This is the first of four posts showing these glorious new polishes.

I purchased all four in the set during the pre-order. The collection goes on sale to the general public this Monday, April 23 at noon! Follow this link to the Rescue Beauty Lounge  site to purchase. They are each $20. Ouch, I know. But in my humble opinion, worth it.

So, I am starting with Cuprum, which I am embarrassed to say was the one I wasn't going to purchase. Right up to the last minute. And then, it somehow jumped into my cart :P I just knew I'd rather have it and not like it than not get it and regret it. I am thrilled to report...not only do I LOVE it, it may have leaped to the top of my list of favorites.
    RBL basecoat, 2 coats of polish, RBL topcoat

Now onto why this polish is worth your money. Color saturation - opaque in 2 easy coats. The formula? I don't know if this polish has a built in chip or something, how it just knows where to go and where not to go? It's perfect. Applies so easily, levels out, no streaks. good dry time. And always, what seals the deal for me? The hidden shimmers, flecks, and sparkles. Ji is a master at that and Cuprum delivers. It's very hard to catch it in photos, but I promise the golden copper sparkly bits are in there, perfectly dispersed.

Outside/sunlight pics:

 This polish just glows. It may even blind you in the sunlight. A beautiful bright shimmery deep ocean blue. It's just gorgeous!! And not the dreaded frosted blue I was afraid of.

I'm going to work hard to get all four of these posts up before the sale goes live on Mon, April 23!!
Hope your weekend is going great,


  1. OMG your pictures are amazing, I got the other three, but not this one, and I am super regretting it. So pretty!

  2. Thank you Lynn! I understand..this is the one I wasn't going to get either! It is super pretty.


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