Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB: 2012 swatch and review

The third out of four posts showing you Rescue Beauty Lounge's brand new "Fan Collection". I purchased all four in the set during the pre-order. The collection goes on sale to the general public this Monday, April 23 at noon! Follow this link to the Rescue Beauty Lounge  site to purchase. You will find a price tag, that hurts ($20 each). But, never fear, if quality is what you desire, RBL delivers.

This is a different formula than Ji's other polishes. It's "pure pigment" she says and "the less you do the better".  A bit thick and sticky, not so easy to apply. But once you get the hang of it, you watch the second coat level out and then you have magic on your fingertips!  I decided to use Seche Vite for topcoat for it's famous smoothing qualities. That, and my son waking from his nap :P
Here is IKB: 2012!

 RBL basecoat, 2 coats IKB, Seche Vite

The color is a crazy beautiful deep and yet bright blue. THE perfect Ultramarine blue. It jumps out from your fingertips! "Look at me. I'm blue!"

I confess, I did NOT want to take this off in order to swatch the next one. It's mesmerizing.  Holy moly!! And I took so many pics, it was hard to narrow it down...I wanted to post.them.all!!

Hope you enjoy! I just *might* need to get a back up of this. :)



  1. this reminds me of Revlon Royal, I love it! So beautiful

  2. It is very similar to Revlon's, but this is a bit lighter and brighter :)

  3. Gorgeous polish is gorgeous. Love it love it love it. Can't wait to wear this.

  4. Beautiful Color.. Price is bit too high for me though..Holy Moly! For a solid color...
    but it's gorgeous!

  5. This one is **by far** my favorite of this collection and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for the application tips.


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