GlitterDaze The Goddess Collection Swatch and Review

Hello loves,

I've got The Goddess Collection by GlitterDaze today. It can be found on their website right here. And you can like the Facebook page to stay up to date and find out about sales and swatches :)

From their shop description:  Iris is the Greek Goddess of the rainbow, seas, and sky. Enhance any manicure with this rainbow of matte and iridescent glitters. This polish will have a different effect over various colors due to the iridescent glitter sprinkled throughout. Pretty sure this one is my favorite of the collection. This is the new rainbow glitter in my eyes. Rainbow glitter has been done and over done. This offers a great alternative in my opinion. Less in your face, but still colorful.
 Here's my undies. Two coats of Rescue Beauty Lounge Opaque Nude, which is brand new to me. I like the "band aid" color a lot..but application wasn't perfect..and for $18 I expect perfect. I will reserve final judgement until I give it another try.

 From their shop description: Selene is the Greek Goddess of the moon, night, and ocean tides among other things. Selene is comprised of various shapes and sizes of navy, black, and silver glitters as well as holographic silver crescents. This unique polish is perfect for layering over a wide range of base colors! A great mix of silver, blue and black. Only wish those moons came out easier. I fished. And fished..and was only able to get one out.
 My undies: Two easy coats of China Glaze Bend Over Backwards from Cirque Du Soleil. My camera freaks a little when it sees this. It's that radiant :)

 From their shop description: Aurora is the Roman Goddess of the dawn who was believed to fly across the sky every morning and announce the arrival of the sun. Add a dewy glow to all of your manicures with this perfect shimmery topcoat. Aurora is comprised of beautiful purple shimmer and purple, blue, and green iridescent shredded glitters.
*Tricky application warning*
Iridescent shreds have a tendency to clump together. Use tweezers to pull off or push down the uncooperating glitters, and be sure to add a thick topcoat to smooth everything over. I agree, this one offers challenges in application. For,'s not worth the pay off. Perhaps I needed to layer it over something lighter.

 My undies: Two easy coats of dreamy blue. Hanging in the Balance from China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil.

 From their shop description: Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, procreation and pleasure. Show your nails some love and add this polish over any base color for a lovely look. Aphrodite is comprised of hot pink, light pink, and lavender matte shredded glitter, as well as pink hearts and small pink and green iridescent glitters. Very feminine, right? Despite my not liking shredded glitter...this one is a win for me. Love the hearts and the flashes of hot pink in here. No problem in application and the hearts are abundant.
 My undies: Two easy coats of Rescue Beauty Lounge Insouciant. Lovely.

 From their shop description:  La Santa Muerte is a sacred figure in the Mexican culture and is a feminine personification of Death, which has traditionally been respected and honored by the Aztec culture. This polish was inspired by Dia De Los Muertos, which is a popular Mexican holiday. La Santa Muerte is comprised of pink and white hearts which symbolize love for deceased family, yellow flower glitter which represents the marigolds that are typically placed on the alters, multisized black and white glitter to represent the duality of death, as well as multi colored glitters which represent the colorful fiestas that take place on this holiday. So much fun. Fun fun fun. That's it. Hahaha. That's all I need to say about this one. :P You'd think application would be rough..but it was fine. My only of the larger black hexes is curling a bit. You could flip it around with a pair of tweezers if it happens to you.
 The undies: two easy coats of the oddest color that I actually like, Def Defying from China Glaze Cirque du Soleil Collection.

Another big post!! Will you be picking up any of these? My top picks from this collection are Iris and La Santa Muerte (which I believe is if you like it don't wait!).

Thanks for reading! Be well!

*Disclosure - Products in this post were provided for my honest opinion and review. 


  1. OOOO! I love these combos...I can't decide what I like the best >.<

  2. These are all so pretty!! I LOVE Iris over the nude, it is perfect!

  3. I have La Santa muerte . Now that I see it so beautifully I can't wait to try it out !

  4. Hi victoria! I was oing to comment on the first picture, the nude is great on you! But then, my eyes don't know where to look first! all the combos you did are great! I love them all, is the first time I can't tell my favourite here! Wonderful swatches, impeccable, as always!

  5. Happen to stumble upon ur blog...awesome swatches...great color choice...juz love seeing it.

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