China Glaze Tranzitions Swatch and Review

Hello :)
I've got a late night post showing you three of the new China Glaze Tranzition polishes. There are six in the collection available in January 2013 at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide. China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde, and is never tested on animals.

China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores
nationwide. For more information, please visit or follow China Glaze on
Facebook (@ChinaGlazeOfficial), Twitter (@ChinaGlaze) and Pinterest (

 Shape Shifter – Smokey violet shifts to dark purple. This was my easy favorite of the three I received. All of these were great formulas and opaque in ONE coat!! I love that. Once dry, I applied my striping tape to the tips, added top coat, lifted the tape and viola! This one worked easily and perfectly for me.
 Without top coat.

 Modify Me – Periwinkle blue shifts to indigo blue. My next you can see, this one had some slight issues for me. It seemed like the top coat dragged the polish in spots and wasn't able to make a complete color change. Perhaps just user error, I will have to give it another shot. Very much like the contrast with these 2 blues.
 Without top coat

 Split Perso-NAIL-ity – Dusty pink shifts to fuchsia. This one went kind of badly for me. And yet..I still like it. Once the top coat was added it didn't have a uniform color change. An interesting effect in and of itself..but I probably need to practice with this one again. Also, yes..I dinged my nail..and yes..I should have fixed it, but I was already bummed that the color change didn't work perfectly :P

 Without top coat

 I was inspired by my friend Leslie at work/play/polish on her Zoya Lovely post. She created the same uniform dotted nail art on each swatch and I thought it looked so cool..I decided to use the same nail art to show you each of these. Something soothing about it. Hope you enjoyed :)

Are you going to try these out??
XO, Victoria

*Products provided for review.


  1. love!! i even like the last one!

  2. The first one looks awesome! I wish the blue was a little less streaky because I love the two-toned look... The last one is definitely not my fave. :/

  3. I have to say I've decided that out of all the nail sites I'm part of on FB and all the blog sites yours is my FAV. I have to ask though do you do both hands when trying out a new polish? How long do you keep that color on?

    1. Aw That means a lot to me! Thank you :) When I'm "swatching" sadly, I often do not do the other hand! Most of the time though, I will pick what I think will be my I can do that one last and wear it for a day or so. If I'm on a swatching streak..I don't leave them on for that long. I know, it's sad..but I'd never be able to show you as much as I do if I did.

  4. Sooo pretty! I'd like to have them too :)

  5. I like how these look with the striping tape!

  6. I can't wait to get these. They are so pretty and so unique!

  7. I dont quite understand how the color change takes effect. Can you explain

  8. These are a must-buy. Too bad my New Year's resolution stops me right there :-( Can't stop it from going on my wish-list though!!

  9. I actually love Split Perso-NAIL-ity, the effect looks like watercolor!

    Shape Shifter is really the show-stopper here though. Gorgeous!

    So does this work with any top coat or do you have to buy a special one with this collection?

  10. Modify me is the only that looks interesting to me I love both periwinkle and indigo blue


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