piCture pOlish Tiffany nail art for The Nail Challenge Collaborative - Pastel

Hi all!
It's piCture pOlish Friday again. And I'm thrilled to have it coincide with the 1 year anniversary of my very first nail art challenge! That core group has stayed together pretty much through the year, with seasonal challenges (though I wasn't very good at posting in the last 2 seasons!) and have renamed ourselves "The Nail Challenge Collaborative". We have changed formats too and have decided to do 4 manis a month in a certain theme. The first theme, in honor of our first ever theme together is "pastels". Lucky for me I have a few piCture pOlish pastels. I've already shown you Peaches n Cream and Sky, so today let's look at Tiffany, which was provided for review. This can be purchased from piCturepOlish.com and other retailers in the piCture pOlish networkUSA price is $12.50 and it will be available at piCture pOlish on-line for AUD$10.00.
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 I really like how these turned out. I started with gelous base coat, but after I did my thumb I realized since I wanted bare nail to show through I need something more heavy duty. So I pulled out the Dior! I used Dior ridge filler base coat for the rest, which is perhaps my all time favorite base coat.

 I used craft scissors and blue electric tape to tape off my bare nail then painted in my sections with each piCture pOlish. I needed 2 coats of each color. The formula on all of these is very good! Then I pulled off the tape and top coated with Seche.
 I've never seen a mani quite like this one on anyone else, and as you probably know, it's not always easy to come up with something truly unique in the nail art world.

I've got to head off to bed now. Big day tomorrow! My twins turn 4 years old. How time flies!! Going to give them a day to remember, my little loves <3 <3 

Be well! 

 *Products provided for review. 

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  1. Wow Tiffany is really pretty! <3 And your craft scissors idea is so creative haha :P

  2. I don't remember ever seeing a design like this, either. I love it!

  3. wow you stepped your game up! There's nothing more I can do than to bow down to the nail art genius you are. Bravo!

  4. Really cool look! I love your color combination :)

  5. Amazing. Truly unique and beautiful colour choices :)

  6. You are so right, it is really hard to do something new :) well done! It´s really nice! :)

  7. Wow it's so effective love it :)

  8. Um...genius! This is so clean and pretty. I have to get better about using a base coat consistently or else these nakie nail looks will never work on me! :P

  9. this is so pretty, i definitely wish that i could do my nails as well as you!


  10. Pastels together look beautiful. Naked nails underneath is definitely something I haven't seen yet - maybe you just started a new trend.

  11. This is a lovely mani. I have been meaning to get some craft scissors to do looks like this!

  12. Great idea! All the colours are really beautiful! :-)


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