Poison Frog Nail Art - Digit-al Dozen Animal Week

Hello all :)

Second day of The Digit-al Dozen taking on "animals".  Yesterday I went for pastel zebras and today...it's one of my favorite little animals...FROGS. Yep, I love frogs. I might end up making frogs for the rest of the week. Fair warning :P

Here's my inspiration: the Ranitomeya uakarii

Source: http://www.dendrobates.org/uakarii.html
 From left to right: Zoya Raven, Born Pretty Store #20, Dermelect Head Turner, SpaRitual Ebb and Flow, SpaRitual Delight
 Above shows a shot before any top coat. I FINALLY remembered that I have matte top coat and this would be the perfect time to use it! The rest of the photos show the spotted nails with Essie matte top coat. I decided to leave the gradient nails alone, as the sponge gradient texture resembled the actual frog skin a lot!
 For my spotted nails I created a color by mixing the 2 Sparituals together. The gradients are The Dermelect, Born Pretty and Sparitual Delight.
I love these challenges that are so broad it leaves so much for the individual to interpret. I think these turned out pretty good! Only thing I'd change up if I could would be to make the black spots larger.

Stay tuned for more frogs, I mean animals from Digit-al Dozen week :P

xo Victoria

*Dermelect and Born Pretty polish provided for review - previously posted.


  1. This is a awesome manicure! So cool :D

  2. Wow, love the mixture of different finishes! And that picture of the little froggie is adorable <3

  3. Love it! I did a frog for one of my challenges way back when! There are so many awesome, colorful frogs to use as inspiration!

  4. I like your inspiration and the nails represent it perfectly


  5. Pessoal
    Ajudem comprando qualquer item da promoção da lojinha para ajudar nas despesas dos animais resgatados que aguardam adoção em lar temporário

    ou comprando qualquer numero da rifa

    Por favor, ajudem na divulgação. Quem sabe aquele amigo que vc nem sabia quer adotar um animalzinho??

  6. The gradient is sooooo sweet! But your blue dotted nails are my favourite! Love them! **

  7. wow, this is great! you did such a fantastic job imitating the frog

  8. Really cool, your design looks just like the frog :)

  9. I love your nails and that is the coolest frog!

  10. this manicure is more meaningful when you see the frog.
    i LOVED it, and using the matte top coat was the best choice.

  11. ficou super legal e muito parecido! ;)

  12. Frogs..hmm..reminds me of something..nice job!! So cool..
    love ya VV...your pal, BD

  13. Great inspiration and beautiful manicure! :-)

  14. This is such a beautiful mani! It really reflects the patterns of the frog.

  15. That frog looks so cool! You nailed this, I love it!!

  16. This is genius! I think I would have known what it was even if you hadn't said, and it's STILL abstract and not too literal. Really fun mani!

  17. Love the idea to use the matte tc! Looks great!!

  18. I love frogs too! I think you pulled this off really well, it looks great

  19. Ew! That frog is so gross. Good thing I'm more concerned about the beautiful mani.


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