Zoya Summer PixieDust 2013 Swatch and Review and Pinwheel Nail Art


It's time for Summer 2013 PixieDust from Zoya! I loved PixieDust the moment I got it on my nails back in Dec 2012. But these?? THESE? I'm. in. love. Let me give you the details on how to shop if you don't already know zoya.com is the place. These retail for $9 USD. Follow Zoya on twitter and facebook to keep up with all the Zoya news :)
And now onto the ridiculously gorgeous sparkly sugary goodness that is Summer 2013 PixieDust.
 All of my swatches are without base coat or top coat like Zoya recommends, except Liberty, the dark blue. I was afraid of staining so I used a base coat, with no ill effect. All swatches, including the pinwheel nail art are 2 coats. The formula for all of these is fantastic. Easy application and great coverage with only 2 coats.
 This is Zoya Stevie a cool, neutral violet. It was the first one I reached for and HAD to stop swatching and wear it out before I took it off. I can't say enough. It is sooo pretty!
 As you can see, I wanted to include nail art with these swatches that would show all of the collection together. I'll write a follow up post with the nail art tutorial next :)

 Zoya Destiny is a red coral. Absolutely perfect for Summer. A must for poolside toes if you ask me.

 Zoya Miranda is a rose pink. I'm just going to keep gushing. I love her. I could wear her over and over and not get bored.

 Zoya Beatrix is a tangerine orange. And yes, I adore her too. So so great for Summer. I love these pops of color :D

 Zoya Solange. There is an exclusive Zoya gold pigment in this and it shines like no other golden yellow. It feels like sunshine in a bottle. Am I corny? If you like gold/yellow this one is a must!!

 Zoya Liberty is blue PixieDust! Zoya describes it as "blue" hahaha. Yes, it's blue alright!! It reminds me of deep ocean blue. I was afraid of staining so I used a base coat for this swatch. When I removed there was a strong blue residue, which disappeared when I went over it with remover again. So my experience with this shade did not cause staining.

Sigh. Do you love them??? A note about texture...and removal. They are textured. Yes, not smooth. You will feel a texture on your nails. They are not rough and do not snag on clothing. Removal is quite easy. Much like removal for regular polish. I do take a cotton puff with remover and let it soak on the nail for a min, then swipe off. It's painless. I promise. Another note..these sparkle like crazy in person. <3

Be well!!

*Product(s) provided for unbiased review consideration. 


  1. Destiny is so pretty! I think I'm actually starting to like textured polishes haha

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Nossa, que lindo!
    Amei os esmaltes, quero MEEEEEEESMO!
    Ficou hum show, adorei a driatividade!

    Bjooooooooo e tenha hum excelente dia!

  4. Ugh your swatches make me want to buy these and I already have them. That makes no sense hahaha that's what your swatches do to me!

  5. Your nail art is amazing!

  6. I won a winter set about a month ago and I just love them! I have a hard time removing the glitter though. Is there a specific remover you use?

  7. Do you have the other summer polishes from Zoya? I am very curious to see the creme vs. the shimmer/metallic vs. the Pixie Dust in the same color.


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