Starfish Nail Art Plus Tutorial with Picture Polish Marine for Digit-al Dozen Animal Week

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Hi all!
It's piCture pOlish Friday again, only it's Saturday. My boy hasn't been feeling well, so I'm a little late to post. I have the beautiful piCture pOlish Marine today, which was provided for review. I decided for the last day of Digit-al Dozen Animal Weel I needed to dress up Marine with starfish!! :D
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 Two effortless coats of Marine started this manicure. This polish was a dream to apply and is a perfect aqua/teal blue. Love it. These show it without top coat.

Next, I'll show you the steps I took to make this. I used a gel pen which I read about on Alice from One Nail To Rule Them All's Instagram. Great idea to make thin lines!! Getting the starfish just right was the hardest part of this mani, luckily, if you don't like it, you can pretty much swipe it off the nail and start over :)

 Then I used Zoya Purity to fill in the starfish using a small nail art brush from Born Pretty Store - full review to follow!!
 I painted in my colors and then got to work with the details. This mani uh..took a while! Here's the bunch of colors I used. Feel free to ask if you see one you'd like the name of.
The finished version without top coat:

 The following two photos with Seche Vite top coat:

 And finally..with matte top coat. Liked it best like this. How about you?

 This mani is so much fun, I still have it on right now. I'll have to re-do it for a beach day this summer :P The big one on my ring finger is my fave. Followed by the little lavender guy clinging to the corner of my index. Lol 

Lastly I put together an easy picture tutorial. Hope it helps you recreate it if you want :D

Hope you have a great weekend!!
xo, Victoria 

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  1. very awesome! love the matte. how did you get the gel pen not to smear when you added topcoat?

  2. ooo!! Yes Matte all the way! This is adorable! I'd love to see a seahorse design :P

  3. This is one of the coolest designs I've ever seen.

  4. I love it, and the matte is the best!! Thanks for the gel pen tip!!

  5. I think it looks great with or without a top coat. How do you come up with these designs?! Lol they're really good!

  6. In love. Just totally in love! I can apply this technique to so many things! I have got to get some gel pens!!

  7. I like it glossy actually, but both versions are absolutely amazing! You're sooo talented at freehanding <3

  8. These are really great, I think I prefer the matte finish best.

  9. Victoria, this nails are awesome! Thanks for the great tutorial also!

  10. OMG you're hilarious - you just have to take it sooooo far :) love it xx

  11. Omg your nail art is just amazing :) I absolutely love them :*

  12. This looks amazing, perfect for summer :D

  13. Beautiful manicure, Marine looks amazing on your nails!

  14. Very unique, never seen anuthing like it, gorgeous and fun!

  15. I love this! Marine is a beautiful color, but those starfish are fun! Matte top coat was perfect choice.

  16. Adorei sua mani, que perfeição, parabéns!


  17. This is too adorable. Makes me want to play on the beach!

  18. Amazing! I have to try to draw something with gel pens, I've never thought of using them before... :-)

  19. The end product looks great, but I would never have the steady hands to pull it off. You should see some of the messes I come up with.
    My Beauty Junction

  20. Amazing!!! I would have the patience to do it, but not the steady hands to pull it off :)

  21. This is like...the cutest mani ever!!!!

  22. I've included your beautiful design on my
    Summer 2013 nail art round up on my blog! I hope you get a chance to check out
    the post! <3 The Sparkle Queen

    This is a direct link to the Summer Roundup Post:


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