OPI Blogger Breakfast Details and Freehand Burst Nail Art!

Hey polish loves!
A couple of weeks ago (time flies!!) you may have seen on my facebook page, Twitter or Instagram that I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to a Blogger Breakfast hosted by Suzi Weiss-Fischmann (OPI’s executive vice president and artistic director) and Harris of Harris Sheppard Public Relations. What a thrill!!
I was actually the first one at the event so I got some one on one time with the two of them which was wonderful. They were both extremely warm and welcoming. I got the impression that the breakfast was an opportunity for Suzi to express an understanding of the HUGE impact that bloggers and social media are playing in the success of her brand. And to thank us personally. She had a genuine interest in getting to know each one of the 17 bloggers at the breakfast and allowed time for us to ask her questions as well. I knew before the breakfast that OPI started out as a dental supplier called Odontorium Products Inc. But here are some things I did not know:
  • OPI started as a family business (and remains to this day a family business) over 30 years ago.
  • She still employs her first employee who was there when they were hand pouring the polish into bottles.
  • Nicole by OPI is named for her niece, not her daughter.
  • The same 6 employees sit down for a marathon 8 hour naming session for each 12 bottle collection. 
Here are some more tidbits that stuck in my mind from this meeting. Suzi said that "color in a bottle has really changed women's lives" and that "nail polish is really the first entry into the beauty world". I loved that she said "nail art is amazing!" and "nail art is the new tattoo" Fun stuff :)

Her 3 "must haves"?
  • Lincoln Park after Dark
  • Bubble Bath
  • a funky blue (or green)
What are the two trends to look for?
  • texture  
  • matte 
So...are you wondering what I wore on my nails to this OPI breakfast? Well, OPI OF COURSE. But I had a feeling there would be some talk about the Bond Girls collection because it was next up. So I wanted to show my Bond love. I wore 2 from the Skyfall collection over My Vampire is Buff.

The current Bond Girl collection is a continuation of the Bond theme, celebrating 50 years of Bond. It seemed the perfect route to focus on the iconic Bond women for this one. See my BOND GIRL SWATCHES + GIVEAWAY here. There's only one more day to enter this giveaway, so hurry and enter if you haven't already!! Suzi gave me two extra full sets of this collection and I decided to give them to you!! :)

OK. Phew! Longest post I've ever written? Probably. I'll be quiet and show you the nails now and sign off :P
 This was created with 3 coats of OPI My Vampire is Buff. Then I used a small nail art brush and freehanded my "bursts" with OPI Die Another Day and OPI Casino Royale from the Skyfall collection. This first photo shows it with Seche Vite top coat.
 The above and below pics are the look before it got top coated. I've grown to love the visible paint strokes before the top coat goes on.

 My Vampire is Buff bottle shot
 Casino Royale bottle shot
 Die Another Day bottle shot

 Besides My Vampire is Buff needing 3 coats for full coverage, these three were all easy to work with and gave me just the look I wanted. While one of Suzi's goals is "to excite the consumer" my goal was to excite her. Pretty sure I accomplished my goal, she loved my nail art :D

I'm going to leave you with two of the quotes that lingered in my head after the breakfast was over...the first: Suzi said that their "goal when we started is to be the Starbucks to nail color." I thought that was pretty cool (being a coffee nut..that one would make me happy :P) and lastly, she said "Our greatest asset at OPI are the people that work there." Very cool indeed.

Be well!!

*Products in this post previously provided for review.


  1. Wow, OPI is all named by 6 people? That's quite hard to believe haha, and your nails are so eye-catching! Gorgeous <3

    1. Was really great getting this glimpse into how OPI works :) Thank you!

  2. omg I love how the mani looks <3 it's so beautiful <3

  3. I didn't know any of that about OPI. What a wonderful benefit of being a beauty blogger! Congrats on your accomplishment as a blogger and getting to meet The real Suzi. I love how her name is in every collection somehow. It's very cute. I would do that.

  4. This was so interesting to read! Sounds like an incredible opportunity! Your nails look amazing as usual!

  5. What an amazing opportunity for you! I would love to meet Suzi! Did you get any photos with her? :)

  6. It sounds great fun to get to know a company better. I hope that PR work will improve here too.anyhow, I think your manicure is pretty nice! elegant but extraordinary. :)

  7. They look so effortless and nevertheless amazing! :) Love it!

  8. Love it! OPI is one of the greatest brands in my opinion.

  9. What a great post and a great experience. OPI by far is my favorite brand. Thanks for the insight, I can't believe only six people come up with those names. Great nail art by the way!

  10. Wow! This breakfast must have been exciting! :) And I am loving this design :) These colors go together so well

  11. That must have been one awesome breakfast. I like finding out things like this about companies, thank you for sharing.

    And those nails, wow, love them!

  12. Stunning Nail art I love this :D

  13. Totally love this - so simple, but WOW!

  14. They look so effortless and nevertheless amazing!

    Public Relations

  15. Sounds like you had an uh-mazing time (I cna only imagine how awesome it was ;)). The manicure is just perfect and going on the Nailspiration board!

  16. I met an OPI employee in Atlanta airport 8 or so years ago. She seemed awfully happy with her job! I know I wanted to join her then!!! :D

    Love the nail art.

  17. PS...I can still remember that she had on Friar Friar Pants of Fire *blush*


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